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Kenworth’s 90 Years of ‘Muddy Boots’ Heritage Benefits Customers Today

Kenworth 90th Anniversary Celebration During the early years of Kenworth’s 90-year history it was said that “Kenworth Engineers Wear Muddy Boots.” “The Muddy Boots name symbolized that Kenworth engineers and salespeople weren’t afraid to go in the field, crawl under trucks and get dirty. As we celebrate Kenworth’s 90th anniversary, we see history repeating itself.  […]

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Kenworth Celebrates 90th Anniversary in 2013, Excellent Heritage Features Quality, Innovation and Technology

Kenworth Truck Company is celebrating its milestone 90th anniversary during 2013. With an excellent heritage of quality, innovation and technology, Kenworth has provided thousands of customers with The World’s Best® trucks over the decades. It all began in 1923 when Harry W. Kent and Edgar K. Worthington incorporated the Gersix Motor Company as “Kenworth”.  The […]

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