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The Volvo bio-DME truck has been modified and equipped with two tanks which are filled with liquid bio-DME

Volvo Successfully Field Tests Biofuel Made from Pulp Industry Waste

Successful field tests of vehicles powered by a biofuel derived from the black liquor wastes produced at a pulp mill have been conducted by Volvo Trucks. The company said that ten of its specially adapted trucks have been operating on Swedish roads since last autumn. According to Volvo Trucks – a part of Volvo AB […]

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Black Liquor To Fuel Trucks?

Trucks that impose hardly any load on the environment from their emissions … Is this a dream, a future scenario, or is it possible now? It’s closer to the latter, says Volvo Trucks, which is already running successful field tests with vehicles powered by bio-DME, a fuel that can be produced from biomass both cost […]

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