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The MACK® MP8 Econodyne®+ is the latest innovation in the Econodyne engine family for highway applications, offering 505 horsepower and 1,860 lb.-ft. of torque when operating at top gear. The MP8 Econodyne+ engine is available on MACK® Pinnacle™ model highway tractors.

Mack Delivers Greater Power, Fuel Efficiency with MACK® MP8 Econodyne®+ Engine

Mack Trucks introduced the newest generation of the MACK® Econodyne® family, the MACK MP8 Econodyne+, a powerful and high-performing engine ideal for on-highway customers who require additional muscle to move their loads. The 13-liter MP8 Econodyne + engine is available in MACK Pinnacle™ models and offers 505 horsepower with 1,860 lb.-ft. of torque when operating […]

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The fuel-efficient MACK® Super Econodyne, on tour throughout the U.S. and Canada, is specifically designed for on-highway applications, delivering optimal performance for dry van and refrigerated loads, as well as flatbed and bulk tank operations.

Mack Spreads the Word about Great Fuel Efficiency with Mack Super Econodyne North American Tour

Showcasing its industry leadership in fuel efficiency and powertrain integration, Mack Trucks recently launched a North American tour featuring the MACK® Super Econodyne powertrain package. Super Econodyne-equipped MACK® Pinnacle™ models are currently traveling between Mack dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada, giving customers an opportunity to experience the fuel economy and performance benefits of the […]

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