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Kenworth T680 Advantage Achieves Up To 10 Percent Fuel Economy Gain

There’s more good news on the fuel economy front for fleets and truck operators. The latest Kenworth T680 Advantage – Kenworth’s fuel-efficiency leader – has gained up to 10 percent* in fuel efficiency compared to a standard Kenworth T680 built in 2013. “That’s a huge benefit for customers, and why we call it the T680 […]

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Trading Tire Mileage for Fuel Economy

The concept of spec’ing new tires with shallower-than-typical tread depth for trailer and drive axle positions on a commercial vehicle might be considered anathema to many fleets – largely because starting with less tire tread results in getting fewer miles before tire removal, thus increasing a tire’s cost per mile. But if such shallower-than-typical tread resulted […]

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