Freightliner Coronado SD for Heavy Hauling

The Coronado® SD is the ultimate work truck: powerful, rugged and versatile. It can haul anything from granite to logs to heavy equipment with ease — across severe terrain, down a mountain and around hairpin curves. We’ve designed it to be dependable, comfortable and profitable. So it can take you and your business to new heights.

Pick Your Power

With the Coronado SD, you get to choose between two of the most respected engine brands in the world. All three of Detroit’s flagship engines—the DD16®, DD15® and DD13®—are available, along with the Cummins ISX15. Whichever engine you choose, you’ll have a package designed for outstanding fuel efficiency—with up to 600 horsepower (DD16 and ISX15) and up to 2050 lb-ft torque @1100 rpm

Handles Extreme Loads

The Coronado SD also features a wheel cut up to 50-degrees that helps negotiate tight spaces. And with steer axles rated from 12,000 to 22,000 lbs., drive axles rated from 23,000 to 70,000 lbs, and an industry leading 1,900 square inch radiator to cool engines up to 600hp/2050lbft. torque with loads up to 160,000 lbs. GCW, you get the performance to haul all your heavy loads through rough terrain. Choosing our TufTrac® rear axle suspension provides maximum traction in high articulation environments. A wide variety of rear axle configurations/suspensions are available, even tag and pusher axles, with liftable and steerable options, available with ratings up to 22,000 to carry your biggest loads. There’s no doubt: the Coronado SD is ready to take on anything, any day.

Handles Extreme Roads

Some roads can be rough, and unpaved job sites can be treacherous. That’s why every Coronado SD is built with “pillow-block” front cab mounts designed to dampen shock and vibration. The rear cab mounts use air springs spaced apart to give the truck a wide stance for great stability. This ensures you get a good feel for the road. And to help keep drivers safe in dangerous work conditions, the Coronado SD cab meets or exceeds the rigorous Swedish and European ECE R-29 crash-worthiness requirements.

Ready for 2010 and Beyond

Every engine available in the Coronado SD is designed to use the proven selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet the EPA 2010 mandate. The built-in SCR system brings your NOx and particulate matter down to acceptable levels. And operating the SCR-equipped truck is simple. Just monitor the single DEF/fuel gauge. And when it’s time to refill, nationwide DEF distribution is in place to make it easy. With a DD13 or DD15 BlueTec® SCR engine under the hood, you can achieve up to 5% better fuel economy compared to a similarly spec’d DD13 or DD15 ’07 engine.

Clean Technology for Severe Environments

The three-stage intake system on the Coronado SD truck combats airborne dust and dirt—even on the harshest job sites. Air enters through the dual air intakes and is sent into the hood air plenum, with optional pre-cleaners, where most of the moisture is removed. A bellows then directs the clean and dry air through the new Donaldson® Advanced PowerCore® Air Filter before directing it into the engine. This single filter holds more dirt than dual air filters. It’s also long lasting, hard working and easily changeable.

Control the Power

With a wide range of Eaton and Allison transmissions, you can choose the drive you want, and the power you need. You also have the option of adding a transmission power take-off (PTO) so you can get the job done once you get to the worksite.

You’ve Got Pull

When you need your tow hooks, you really need them. Whether you get a set-forward or set-back axle, the Coronado SD has the tow hooks to get you out of a jam, and meet Truck Maintenance Council guidelines. The optional 3/8″ steel logger bumper gives the added strength of a heavy-duty center tow pin that provides 80,000 lbs of towing capacity.

Strong Features

The solid engineering of the Coronado SD is designed to handle whatever’s thrown at it. With frame and wheelbase configurations suited to your specific application, this truck can take on just about anything. It also features:

  • A durable, proven non-corrosive aluminum cab
  • Strong proven cab construction; Henrob rivets used throughout the cab, and coach joints at cab roof and sidewall connections
  • State-of-the-art adhesives to bond the cab’s substructure to distribute forces and decrease fatigue
  • Bonded windshields to increase rigidity and the 2-piece design makes them easier to replace when damaged
  • Chrome- plated steel front grill surround, with stainless steel grill
  • Single-piece fiberglass hood
  • Chrome-plated aluminum hood handle that’s built to last
  • Standard steel grille opening reinforcements to provide extra strength
  • An HVAC unit designed to thrive in harsh environments. Plus easy access under the dash to make repairs a breeze
  • Reinforced doors designed to last as long as the truck
  • Updated dash with fewer sections for quiet, durable service

Put to the Test

The Coronado SD is tough. Test after test proves it. The components, systems and entire truck has been subjected to an array of virtual and physical tests to ensure the Coronado SD delivers the expected function, performance and reliability. The result is a durable and safe cab that meets stringent A-pillar impact, rollover and back wall impact tests. Plus, the vocational chassis includes a robust backbone with a complete offering of single and double channel frame rails. This provides a tensile strength of up to 120,000 psi and an RBM ratio up to 5 million inch-pounds per rail. So it can handle the abuse of a typical job site, no problem.

Experience Robust Electronics

The electronics and wiring systems of the Coronado SD withstand punishment and maximize the working life of your truck. The electrical connections come out of the front wall of the cab in two distinct 76-pin connectors to simplify wiring and reduce diagnostic time. Also, the redesigned connectors offer tight seals to keep out moisture, resulting in fewer electrical failures from water penetration.

Peace of Mind

With more than 300 Freightliner Trucks dealer locations across the U.S. and Canada, we’ve got you covered with one of the most comprehensive service networks in the business. And, backed from the factory by one of the industry’s most complete base warranties, or a wide selection of extended warranties and service support programs.

In Control.

The Coronado SD dashboard is command central with ivory-colored gauges and a dash structure designed with fewer sections, making it one of our quietest and most durable.

Rugged Cab to Handle Anything

Wide and roomy cab. Solid, tightly sealed doors. And large, single-piece HVAC registers to cool you down during those long, hot days on the job.

Keep Everything in Reach

Your truck is your workspace on wheels, so we designed Coronado SD to make your day-to-day work just a little easier. The easy-access cup holder and storage area hold your daily essentials. The most frequently used controls and switches are located within easy reach, and LED backlights make reading gauges a breeze, reducing eyestrain even in the darkest of nights.