Sterling Trucks Acterra

From box truck to P&D van, the Acterra, with a Class 5-8 operating range, handles like a pickup, but has the strength of a solid work tool. Its steel cab has the same strength and durability as the L-Line.

The medium-duty Acterra is a favorite among drivers for its power, cab room, and visibility. And it’s easy to get in and out of, and easy to drive — thanks to a 106″ BBC, 55-degree wheel cut, standard automatic transmission, and sharply sloped hood and large windshield area.

The Acterra offers the cost-saving fuel economy of the latest diesel technology from Cummins and Mercedes-Benz. Acterras offer a range of frame and suspension choices, and a variety of fuel tanks.

And with numerous non-CDL ratings available, your Acterra is driver-ready.