Search for Oldest Working Volvo Truck

Volvo trucks have always had a reputation for staying the course and most people know of an old Volvo truck that is still earning its living.

These four, six and eight wheeled ‘senior citizens’ of the transport world are not always seen at shows and rallies. Neither do they always feature in the pages of the press. They just keep rolling on.

That’s why the search is on at Fleet Transport for the oldest working Volvo truck. The emphasis being on ‘working’. So, if you own a cherished classic Volvo truck, be it an F86, F88, F89, F6, F7 or an F10, F12 or F16, that is still out there and earning its keep, the magazine would like to hear from you.

There are a few simple criteria you will need to check before you send details and a photograph of your Swedish classic:

1. What year was it first registered?

2. Registration mark/chassis number.

3. Where did you buy it?

4. Model type and configuration.

5. Name and address of the owner?

6. Contact telephone number and email of the owner.

7.  Where is it kept?

8. What do you use it for?

9. How often does it work on hire and reward or on private business?

10. Date of next DOE test?

11. Date current road tax expires?

12. When did it last do a full day’s work for you?

13. What was the last load it carried?

14. What was the location of its last delivery?

15.  Does it start on the key?

The overall winner selected by the Irish Truck of the Year Jury will receive a stained glass painting of the truck, together with a bag full of Volvo Truck branded merchandise plus the opportunity to have the vehicle displayed at the Fleet Transport Expo12 at Citywest Convention Centre, Dublin on 5/6 November.

Send details as required above with photographs to ‘Find the Oldest Working Volvo Truck’ by email to or by post to Fleet Transport, D’Alton Street, Claremorris, County Mayo. Telephone 094-9372819.