Volvo Trucks VN 670


Ask anyone at the truck stop what they know about Volvo trucks, and you’ll get the same enthusiastic answers. Smooth, quiet ride. Great value. Lots of comfort. Plenty of power. Welcome to the Volvo VN 670. It’s the truck of choice for regional and long-haul routes.

Everything about the VN 670 contributes to a better driver experience. Lots of physical comfort, thanks to a 61″ raised roof cab with 264 cubic feet of sleeper space. And mental comfort, knowing you’ve got all the visibility, maneuverability and dependability you’ll need.

The VN 670’s advanced climate control system maintains a perfect temperature inside. And you’ll appreciate the microwave, refrigerator and TV/VCR options. From its aerodynamic design to its advanced steering, the VN 670 earns its reputation every day.


Slip into something more aerodynamic.

The way Volvo sees it, “aerodynamic” isn’t just a sleek shape. It’s an attitude that works hard to reduce wind resistance on every surface from the front bumper to the back mud flaps. Everything-from the heavily sloped hood and windshield to the exterior sun visor, recessed door handles and wedge-shaped headlights-has been sculpted and streamlined for the lowest possible drag coefficient. The welded cab means that there are no rivets to catch the wind and slow you down. And the gap between cab and trailer has been minimized for less air turbulence and drag.

Congratulations. You’ve just discovered the fastest route to better fuel economy and greater profitability.



The VN 670’s smooth ride goes a long way toward reducing fatigue and improving concentration. An advanced climate control system keeps you comfortable inside, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. The well-designed dash keeps you more alert and better informed. Controls are within easy reach, and the driver display lets you easily read diagnostic information from a single large screen. And thanks to superior insulation and soundproofing, the cab is so quiet you’ll actually be able to hear yourself think.


With 264 cubic feet of sleeper space (over 400 cubic feet when you include the cab), the 670 gives you room to relax. There’s a roof window at the front, plus two windows on each side of the sleeper compartment to keep the cabin light and airy. The sleeper area features a durable carpet, and a full complement of interior appointments provides round-the-clock comfort and convenience.

You’ll appreciate the built-in sink, microwave, refrigerator and TV/VCR options. Cabinets are available with securely closing doors instead of nets. Control panels are located in the sleeper and on the dash for precise lighting and temperature control. And when it’s time for lights out, you’ve got both a sleeper curtain and a wraparound windshield curtain to assure a good night’s sleep.

Click here to download the Volvo VN 670 Spec Sheet.