Fontaine Trailers Revolution Hybrid Flat

  • Sleek, aerodynamic shape cuts through the air with minimum drag coefficient.
  • Unitized construction is lighter and dramatically improves strength and stability.
  • Owner-operators report 10% better fuel efficiency!
  • Aluminum front skirt for lighter weight and durability.
  • Reinforced, sloped-approach upper coupler plate makes coupling easier and minimizes distortion.
  • Modular sealed wiring harness for maximum resistance to corrosion.
  • Bolt-on access panel for easier maintenance.
  • Strongest main beam in the industry.
  • 23″ deep, one-piece web with camber built in prior to assembly.
  • Continuous welds on both sides.
  • Grade 130 flanges top and bottom.
  • Patented Revolution siderails are routed from solid aluminum and feature a reinforced one-piece design that looks great and withstands impact damage better than steel.
  • Friction-stir welding, proven technology from the aerospace industry, adds to the strength of the floor while reducing weight to give you bigger payloads and more miles per gallon.
  • Integrated load securement system makes loading and unloading faster, better and much easier.
  • Just slide the modular connector exactly where you need it and secure your load.
  • Exclusive LED lighting package reduces the number of electrical connections by more than 60% for unequaled reliability – Backed by a comprehensive 10-year electrical system warranty!

Click here to download the Fontaine Revolution Brochure.