How To Decide Between A New Truck vs. Used Truck

peterbilt truckOne of the biggest career decisions truck drivers may make this year is whether to buy a new heavy duty truck or a used truck for their job. A truck payment is one of the largest expenses related to truck driving. Other job-related expenses pertain to your vehicle as well including fuel costs and repair costs. Making the right decision for your upcoming purchase will relate to your profits and net income for months and years to come. You may be considering buying a Freightliner Columbia, a Peterbilt 387, or another model, but should you buy a new truck or a used truck?
Repairs and Maintenance
When considering buying a Peterbilt 387, a Freightliner Columbia, or another model, many truck drivers believe that buying a new vehicle will minimize repair and maintenance costs. A new truck is generally under warranty, which can greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs associated with repairs. However, it is important to note that many quality used trucks are also under warranty. Further, a used truck that has been well-maintained and that has low mileage can be in like-new condition. It may be difficult for a truck driver to determine which used vehicles are in better condition. Because of this, it is advisable to have a mechanic review a used truck thoroughly before you buy it.

Vehicle Sales Price
If you are thinking about buying a Freightliner Columbia, a Peterbilt 387, or another type of heavy duty truck, you may be considering buying a used truck to save money on the sales price. Used trucks are generally significantly more affordable than new trucks. This is most often true even for those vehicles that are practically new, late model vehicles with limited miles on them. Some new truck dealers will offer special pricing and dealer incentives to make buying a new truck more affordable. However, even with these incentives and special pricing offers, the best sales price usually comes from buying a used vehicle.

It’s not easy to decide whether to buy a Freightliner Columbia, a Peterbilt 387 or another model. In addition to trying to decide which make and model to purchase, the decision about whether to purchase a new or used vehicle often only adds to the dilemma about which truck is right for you. In most cases, buying a quality used vehicle, and especially one that is a late model vehicle under warranty, is a more affordable option to consider than buying a brand new vehicle.