Improving Truck Fuel Efficiency

If you are looking for Mack trucks for sale or Peterbilt trucks for sale today, you likely want to find the best rig that will make your time on the road comfortable and affordable. Buying the wrong truck today may result in higher costs behind the wheel, and higher costs can eat away at your profits. One of the biggest costs associated with truck driving today is the cost of gas. By taking time to shop for a fuel efficient truck, you can reduce your fuel costs. There are also a few steps you can take to improve your truck’s fuel efficiency after you purchase it as well.
Check Your Tires
You may have checked the tires on numerous rigs when shopping for Mack trucks for sale. After buying your truck, you will want to make a habit of continuing to check the tires on a regular basis. Maintaining proper air pressure in your tires helps to ensure you reduce unnecessary drag on your vehicle. You can check the recommendations for air pressure inflation by looking directly at your tires. This figure is typically recommended in terms of a PSI rating, and it is often written directly on the tires. Tires can lose air over the course of regular driving, and air pressure may adjust with temperature and altitude changes as well. Because of this, it is a good idea to check the air pressure of your tires very regularly and far more often than you check the air pressure on your vehicle back home.

Avoid Idling
When your truck is idling, it is using gas for no reason at all. By reducing the amount of time your truck idles, you can reduce fuel costs. You may not want to turn your rig’s engine off while sitting in traffic. However, if you are grabbing a bite to eat in a parking lot or otherwise just relaxing while you listen to the radio, it is a good idea to crack your window and turn the engine off. If the weather is poor, you can relax on your break indoors rather than in your rig to save money and avoid unnecessary idling.

Avoid Quick Accelerations
When you were test driving Mack trucks for sale, you no doubt made quick accelerations on numerous vehicles before deciding which truck to buy. This is understandable as you do want to test the engine out fully before making a buying decision. Once you own your new truck, however, you should avoid quick accelerations unless necessary for safety on the road. Quick accelerations do burn up gas unnecessarily. It is often better to take your time getting up to full speed on the road. Likewise, aggressive driving also uses up more fuel as quick accelerations are common with aggressive driving. Make an effort to relax behind the wheel and reduce how aggressively you drive in order to save on fuel costs.

If you are like most truck drivers, you did check out the fuel efficiency on Mack trucks for sale before you made your decision about which rig to buy. Fuel efficiency can play a big part in how much gas your rig uses, but the factors listed here will also affect fuel efficiency. Consider putting some of these tips into practice to save money on your fuel costs.