Daimler to Add More Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dealers in US

Daimler AG announced its plans to increase the number of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter commercial van dealers in U.S. by 27 percent to as many as 250. The vehicle was introduced by the automobile manufacturer’s U.S. commercial van manufacturing unit two years ago. Till then the vehicle was sold by Dodge and Freightliner from 2001 to 2009. The announcement was made by Claus Tritt, vice president of Daimler Vans USA.

Tritt said that the company plans to have their dealers in places and markets where there are customers with a need. “About 197 Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner dealers are all set to sell the Sprinter model in the United States. Our plan is to increase the number between 230 and 250 in the course of time,” he said.

The company vice president said that as part of its efforts to improve customer experience the company wants the dealers to understand how to handle commercial customers. For this the company will train the dealers and set them up right, he added.

Sprinter is a separate franchise from Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and Freightliner and hence its dealers need to meet specific requirements. Other than preparing staff to sell and service the commercial van, dealers must have a dedicated salesman and display area for the Sprinter, either in the showroom area or an outdoor setting,” Tritt said.

He also said that for servicing the vehicle, the new dealerships will have two dedicated Sprinter-trained technicians, two vehicle lifts and an alignment rack. For proper servicing existing dealerships will have to raise ceilings and expand entryways to accommodate the Sprinter.

Source: http://www.nitrobahn.com/news/daimler-to-add-more-mercedes-benz-sprinter-dealers-in-us/