East® Improves Optional Integrated Stairway for Flatbed Trailers

Securing a flatbed load often requires climbing up on – and down from – the deck of the trailer. That’s not easy, and can even be potentially dangerous. To provide a simpler, easier and safer entrance to and exit from the flatbed deck, East Manufacturing first introduced an optional integrated stairway a few years ago. Now East has improved this option by adding a locking door enclosure that allows for additional lights and license plate mounting, while giving the rear end a more custom appearance.

“The East integrated stairway is a smart safety option for flatbed trailers,” said Bill McKenzie, product manager for platform products. “When open, the deck lid locks securely in the upright position via double rods that slide into two specially designed receivers. The first of two handrails is located under the lid, providing a handy 45° vertical handhold that’s above deck height. The second handrail is built next to the steps, which are made of pooch-punched aluminum for both drainage as well as a skid-resistant surface,” noted McKenzie.

In the down position, the deck lid latches securely to prevent bouncing during transit. The deck lid is load bearing, so the trailer loses zero deck area because of the stairs. Now East has added a new door that can be locked and fitted with ID lights that comply with federal DOT requirements, as well as a lighted license plate mounting area. The integrated stairway is all aluminum, so no extra weight is added to the trailer.

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Source: http://www.eastmfg.com/cgi-bin/htmlos.cgi/008743.1.327245698619102778