Fontaine Says Revolution Flatbeds Improve Fuel Economy Up to 3%

JASPER, Ala. — Fontaine Trailer says its new Revolution flatbed and dropdeck trailers are delivering fuel savings of up to 3% in fleet operations.

The source of the fuel savings comes as a bit of a surprise, as it’s not entirely related to the lightweight construction, the company announced.

“You would think that the fuel economy improvements would stem primarily from the fact that Revolution trailers are the lightest in their class,” said Alan Briley, vice-president, sales and marketing. “But we have learned that most of the savings come from the patented design of the trailer itself. The design and construction of the unitized floor virtually eliminates racking and twisting, so tire scrub typically seen in spread-axle applications is all but eliminated. This dramatically reduces road friction, which means it requires less energy to pull Revolution trailers every mile you run.”

The Revolution line consists of all-aluminum flatbed models as well as combination flatbed and dropdeck models, under the Revolution Hybrid brand.