The Freightliner Coronado

Traditional appearance. Modern engineering. Timeless efficiency. The Freightliner Coronado® is built with the operational efficiency to turn big profits. With its stunning good looks, don’t be surprised if the Coronado turns a few heads, too.

Pick Your Powerhouse

From Detroit’s line-up of engines, the DD16®, DD15® and DD13®, to the Cummins ISX15, the Coronado is equipped with the right engine for the job. Options up to 600 horsepower will muscle up hills and move the heaviest of loads, while optimizing fuel efficiency and staying cool. The Coronado’s extra-large radiator and maximized cooling capacity make sure of it.

Take In the Air

Freightliner’s exclusive intake system is superior to traditional canisters. The single-filter design holds more dirt than dual air filters, while reducing aerodynamic drag for better efficiency. Traditional truck. Modern technology. Less maintenance.

Get Performance that Pays

With a wide range of manual, automated manual, and automatic transmissions available in the Coronado, choose the shift technology you want with the power you need. If the job calls for transmission power take-off (PTO), various mounting options are available. Gain momentum. Shift seamlessly. Increase efficiency.

Maximize the Load

Made to pull some of the biggest loads over the toughest roads in North America, the Coronado comes equipped with front axles rated from 12,000 to 16,000 pounds, and rear axles with capacities of 23,000 to 46,000 pounds. Tag and pusher axles, with liftable and steerable options, are available with ratings up to 20,000 pounds—more than enough to handle any load in any region.

EPA 2010 Proven

All Coronado powertrains are designed to improve fuel efficiency, and all meet EPA 2010 requirements with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technology. With its near-zero emissions, SCR is the first and only technology in decades to be as good for the environment as it is for business and vehicle performance.

Maintenance Made Easy

Every detail of the Coronado is built for reliability. When it’s time for maintenance, that’s easy, too. The hood tilts 90 degrees for easy access to the engine compartment. And the one-piece fiberglass hood is spring assisted, so it takes just 40 pounds of lift effort to open. Once under the hood, see-through fluid reservoirs let drivers check levels at a glance. Even the headlights are made of a strong composite material designed to take readily-available H13 bulbs for both low and high beams.

Coronado incorporates a variety of features that reduce maintenance and increase uptime:

  • Non-adjustable clutch
  • Greaseless front suspension
  • Single-bulb headlights
  • Pre-set front and rear hubs
  • Greaseless steering shaft

Wired for Miles

The electrical harness and dashboard-wiring layout reduce wire rubbing to extend the life of the electrical system. And the Power Distribution Module is mounted in the passenger-side dash for easy access and superior protection from moisture and dirt. It’s built smart and easy to maintain.

Tough Outside

The Coronado cab is made to be tough. It’s secured with Henrob® rivets and sturdy adhesives for safety and strength. And because it’s a Freightliner, every Coronado meets or exceeds rigorous Swedish and European ECE R-29 crashworthiness test requirements.

Peace of Mind

With more than 300 Freightliner Trucks dealer locations across the U.S. and Canada, we’ve got you covered with one of the most comprehensive service networks in the business. And, backed from the factory by one of the industry’s most complete base warranties, or a wide selection of extended warranties and service support programs, you can rest assured we’ll help you get out of the service bay and back on the road. From L.A. to Lincoln, Atlanta to Anchorage, when you buy a Freightliner, you get coverage and support like no other.

Driver-Friendly Dash

Drivers look at the dashboard all day, every day, so we designed the Coronado’s dash to be something worth seeing. From its simplified design with fewer sections making it quiet, clean and durable, to the ivory colored gauges, it’s easy on the eyes and built for the long haul. Switches used most are within arm’s reach and LED backlights on the gauges cut down on eyestrain, even on the darkest of nights.

Keep Everything Close

Driving is demanding. So we designed the Coronado to make day-to-day life a little easier. Like the easy-access cup holder and storage area that holds everything needed to work. The multiple large, single-piece HVAC vents cool down drivers on those long, hot days on the road. And when one day turns into many, the multiple cabinets and power outlets in the fully equipped Coronado sleeper make it the perfect place to rest and recharge.

Enjoy the Sound of Silence

The Coronado sleeper is wrapped in noise abatement material and insulation to keep sounds where they belong–outside. The sleeper is comfortable and quiet, even if a driver is hitting the sack while a co-driver keeps rolling down the highway.

Stretch Out in Style

At the end of a long day, the Coronado’s sleeper offers more than enough space to store gear, stand up straight, or stretch out and rest up for tomorrow.

Space that Works

In the sleeper cab, drivers do more than just sleep. So we’ve designed the Coronado to make everything more comfortable, including:

  • Rear HVAC control
  • Cabinet configurations that accommodate a microwave, TV and refrigerator
  • A convenient pull-out desk
  • Optional driver’s lounge, with cushioned café-style bench seating for two
  • A self-contained table that adds generous desk or dining space

Shine On

With an optional 18-inch Texas-style bumper, LED marker lights and a variety of chrome options, the Coronado is equipped to own the road. From a polished battery box and polished tool boxes to polished exhaust pipes, the Coronado can be spec’d to grab admiring looks. Add the Coronado’s optional accent light packages and truly make the Coronado shine–day or night.

Pick Your Colors

The Coronado offers a variety of interior color choices, each offered in vinyl or cloth. Any of the colors will complement the molded-in color door trim panels that are ready to take a few hits and still look good as new.