Kaufman Trailers Celebrates Expansions within Trailer Industry

Fontaine Trailer Company, one of the leading trailer manufacturers in the country, has announced plans to significantly expand its operations. The announcement has drawn praise and affirmation from some unlikely sources—namely, other trailer companies, like the North Carolina-based Kaufman Trailers. Kaufman Trailers has responded to the Fontaine announcement with a new statement to the press, in which the company claims that Fontaine’s expansion is ultimately indicative of wider, positive trends within the industry.

“Major trailer companies are experiencing dramatic expansions, and that is something that is good for all of us,” says the new Kaufman Trailers press statement. “What it proves is simple—that people are still buying trailers. There is very much a growing demand for the products we are making and selling, and that’s not just positive news for Fontaine. That’s positive news for everyone who works in the trailer manufacturing arena.”

Kaufman Trailers’ enthusiastic response comes on the heels of a major announcement from Fontaine, which indicates that the company—headquartered in Jasper, Alabama—has invested a sum of $5 million to expand its facilities. This expansion is projected to create a total of 150 jobs in the long haul.

Fontaine’s expansion has, thus far, led to the purchase of a warehouse. The company also plans to grow its parts and services division. Expansions to its research and development facilities are also in the works.

“It is a great thing to see the industry grow,” says the press statement from Kaufman Trailers. “Fontaine is underscoring the fact that there is still much room for development and expansion in the trailer vertical, something that we at Kaufman Trailers are encouraged by.”

The Kaufman Trailers statement also alludes to the fact that this industry expansion is coming in the midst of a still-sluggish economy. “The good news is that there are still so many trucking fleets and for-lease trucking firms out there interested in purchasing trailer products,” the company remarks. “That is where much of this growth is coming from.”

Kaufman Trailers is headquartered in Lexington, North Carolina, but is a national leader in trailer sales. Indeed, the company delivers its products to clients all over the country. Kaufman Trailers’ products include gooseneck, utility, flatbed, equipment, and car trailer models, as well as trailer parts and accessories. The company is committed to quality and to safety, and is also passionate about the expansion of the trailer industry in general.

“We are excited to see this industry moving forward,” the company says. “We are happy to see so many fellow trailer companies earning success.”