Meritor Wabco ABS Now Standard on ProStar+, LoneStar Models

Meritor Wabco’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) is now standard equipment on all International ProStar+ and LoneStar Class 8 trucks.

“ABS really led the way to huge advances in safety technology in the commercial vehicle market,” said Jon Morrison, president & general manager, Meritor Wabco. “With that system as a reliable, durable foundation, OE’s have the opportunity to look at fully integrated safety systems that not only decrease the risk of accidents, but also lower overall vehicle operating costs through reduced vehicle downtime and risk reduction.”

The addition of Meritor Wabco ABS to the vehicles allows for the inclusion of optional equipment such as automatic traction control (ATC), rollover stability control (RSC), electronic stability control (ESC) and the industry-leading OnGuard collision safety system, Meritor Wabco said.