Peterbilt to Offer Split-Shaft PTO Options

Peterbilt Motors Co. has partnered with Namco, a maker of split-shaft power take-off (PTO) devices, to offer new options to its vocational customers.

The new PTO options for customers operating specialized equipment that require a PTO installed rearward of the transmission are available for immediate production.

“Peterbilt continues to expand its product reach into new vocational markets,” said Robert Woodall, Peterbilt director of sales and marketing. “Features such as split shaft PTOs provide our vocational customers the component technology they need to successfully operate their business, and position Peterbilt for growth in this important market segment.”

Split-shaft PTOs are designed for high speed and torque characteristics necessary to function with concrete pumpers, oilfield equipment, vacuum trucks, mobile drilling rigs (water or petroleum), and emergency vehicle applications, Peterbilt said.