Utility Adds High-Strength Steel Options to 4000D-X Trailer

4000D-X Composite Dry Van

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. has added two new high-strength steel options for its 4000D-X Composite dry van.

The high-strength steel side panel option is currently only available for the DX-100, which comes as an alternative to the standard .040-inch aluminum side skin. This option provides a means of countering fluctuations in the price of aluminum.

Using the same durable exterior side skin material found on plate trailers, this new option features .016-inch high tensile 80,000 psi, pre-painted white galvanized steel panels that cover the full length of the trailer, including the front wall.

Additionally, a new side wall system will be made available for both the optional DX-100 and the standard DX-101. It features 18-gauge, 100,000 psi galvanized steel side wall posts in the bay area, and this offers significant weight savings for increased payload capacity.

Source: http://www.truckinginfo.com/news/news-detail.asp?news_id=77925