Mercedes Future Truck 2025 – Does it live up to the hype?

Earlier in 2014, Carzoos reported on the event where Mercedes-Benz showcased a truck that is expected to hit the market by the year 2025. Named as the “Future Truck 2025”, this giant of a vehicle is an absolute wonder. The sleek minimalism in terms of its appearance hides a very posh looking interior, where the latest aspects of technology work best to provide an optimal experience for the driver.

Future TruckMercedes-Benz considers this as their vision of what trucking would be like in the recent future, and while the year 2025 is only a decade away, most of the technology that such a future truck would be using is already available. For the next couple of years, any kinks in this new technology could be worked out to usher in an era of safe and comfort driving.

The soft stylish appearance of the truck heightens the functionality of each and every feature, making it more capable at handling any rough road very well. The advanced LED lightings glow white when the truck is being manually driven, and they immediately switch to a blue on autopilot mode. The interior is lined with the very best that automobile industry has to offer in terms of technology, and a wide range of super futuristic sensors display images after continuously scanning the road and evaluating the safest maneuvers so as to stay clear of all vehicles.

The Future Truck 2025 is definitely blind-spot assisted, where sensors will display scanned images of all the space right around the vehicle and make any information available to the driver so as to enable him to drive safe without endangering others on the road. Mercedes expects to improve on this system more, and enhance the possibility of safe driving while leaving very little margin for error.

Mercedes-Benz always has a driver behind the wheels at all times during any of its demonstrations. It does not matter whether the truck is on autopilot mode, as Mercedes stays adamant in its belief that a driver just cannot key off at any moment. The swivel seat gives more ample space to the driver to stretch out, but he cannot leave. This is because Mercedes firmly maintains that the Future Truck 2025 is not about ‘deskilling’ the driver, rather it is simply meant to empower him. The autopilot mode has been inserted so as to give the driver some chance to rest, but there are alarms and notifications popping up every now and then to still keep the driver engaged. The technology at his disposal is meant to improve his functionality in ensuring a safe journey.

There are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes down to the matter of pricing. While the price of this futuristic vehicle has not been revealed yet, Daimler engineer Jens Desens states that most people want bottom line pricing when they go to the market to buy a truck. There are a lot of people who would not even pay extra for comforts like air conditioning, so Desens seems a bit concerned that the expensive price of Future Truck 2025 might make it inaccessible to a lot of trucking enthusiasts.

While it seems that the Future Truck 2025 will most likely be used for more extravagant events like music tours for the rock star and his entourage, perhaps Mercedes will figure out a way to keep the pricing low so as to attract more customers.

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Submitted by Kerry Blake.