Continental NACV Show Press Releases

Smart Air Springs for Trucks and Trailers

  • Lightweight solutions help to reduce the weight of the vehicle
  • Integrated axial damping in the Air Damping System for trailers
  • ConSnap system saves 0.5 kg at the air springs

Atlanta, September 2017. Whether for trucks or trailers, Continental is a specialist in air springs, making an impression with its high degree of reliability, innovative solutions and sustainability. The company’s expertise helps to reduce weight in the vehicle and allows for greater safety and comfort. In development, the company benefits from synergies within the Continental Corporation and its innovative strength as a global player.

Protection of other components and freight

Shock absorbers are components that are subject to wear in trailers due to their function. Here, the Air Damping System from Continental offers a crucial advantage. “As well as the suspension function, the system is also responsible for damping and can therefore be used to replace shock absorbers altogether,” says Diethelm Bauch, head of the Commercial Vehicles Original Equipment segment at Continental’s Business Unit ContiTech Air Spring Systems. The air spring system specially developed for trailers enables the effective and reliable damping of the chassis over its entire service life. Breakdowns caused by faulty or worn shock absorbers can be avoided, freight is given optimum protection and the durability of the trailer components is increased. The air spring system also helps protect the environment by eliminating oil leaks and reducing the weight of the vehicle – therefore lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

ConSnap metal ring reduces weight and costs

The ConSnap system also significantly reduces the weight of trailer air springs. The special feature here is that the air springs are held in place by an open metal ring instead of a lower clamping plate and a threaded rod. The ring is inserted in a keyway on the piston, where it ensures maximum pull-off force between the air bellows and the roller piston. Up to 0.5 kg of weight is saved per air spring. At the same time, significantly fewer components and materials are used for the ConSnap system. This is also an added benefit for customers in the trailer sector as ContiTech transfers the resulting cost savings to them.

In practical use, ConSnap offers impressive levels of reliability and robustness. No adjustments need to be made to the vehicle interfaces during installation, meaning that the air springs can be installed at no additional expense.

Lightweight thanks to polyamide pistons

In trucks, too, the trend is toward weight reduction, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and increasing loading capacities. By using components made of polyamide instead of steel or aluminum, Continental has been able to further reduce the weight of its air springs. The company is taking on a pioneering role with the development of the polyamide piston with a fully usable inner volume, for example. Compared with steel components, the weight of the vehicle can be reduced by 12 kilograms per axle. The excellent corrosion resistance and durability of the polyamide pistons also increases the resale value of vehicles. “We specialize in developing reliable yet cost-efficient solutions for mechanically demanding truck applications, too,” explains Bauch.

Original quality for the replacement market

In the replacement market, Continental air springs represent original quality, benefiting from the knowledge and technical expertise of the original equipment for which they are produced and supplied. The OE program includes references for buses and passenger cars as well as trailers. Customers in the replacement market are benefiting from the development expertise that Continental has built up in close collaboration with manufacturers and applies to new product solutions.

Smart Line Solutions with Electronic Sensors

  • Continental develops and manufactures extremely reliable hydro formed stainless-steel turbocharger return lines
  • High-temperature rubber compounds suitable for all media
  • New end-formed line variants render expensive and fragile brazed connections obsolete

Atlanta, September 2017. Continental develops and manufactures smart line solutions for trucks of the future supporting Total Cost of Ownership in the complete supply chain. Its newest lines are fitted with electronic sensors, and conventional assemblies made of varying materials such as polyamide, coated steel, stainless-steel, aluminum and reinforced natural rubber. Continental is going well beyond vulcanized rubber.

Among the highlights showcased at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta are cost effective hydroformed stainless-steel turbocharger return lines that are extremely reliable and offer high temperature resistance. This enables the previous silicone hoses crimped on a steel tube to be replaced by corrugated tubing that has similar mechanical properties. Not only does the hydroformed, thin-wall, stainless-steel tube enable reduced costs than the previous hose solution, it also shortens the production process, lowers weight, offers flexibility during installation and compensates for vibration in operation.

Continental has also developed high-temperature rubber compounds as an alternative to expensive PTFE steel braided designs that are suitable for all media. Several new end-formed line variants, which render expensive and fragile brazed connections obsolete, are also on display at the show. Other items exhibited: robust rotary joints for reducing service and installation times, inexpensive pre-formed polyamide lines for coolant water, fuel and other media, and high-pressure lines with quick connectors. “All of our lines are manufactured locally in North America,” emphasizes Rene Dubois, North America Sales Manager Engine and Drivetrain at Continental’s Business Unit ContiTech Mobile Fluid Systems.

Continental Presents ContiConnect™ Digital Tire Monitoring Platform at NACV Show

  • Remote tire monitoring for commercial fleets via a mounted yard reader station
  • Tire pressure and temperature for entire fleet displayed in mobile-friendly web portal
  • Fleets can expect to reduce tire-related breakdowns and maximize tire lifetime

Fort Mill, S.C. Sept. 26, 2017. Today at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show, Continental has displayed its newest pioneering technology to make commercial fleets safer, more efficient and intelligent: the ContiConnect™ digital tire monitoring platform. The technology company, automotive supplier, and premium tire manufacturer has created an efficient solution for remote tire monitoring, allowing fleet managers to see tire pressure and temperature data for the entire fleet in a single web portal, every time trucks return to the fleet yard. With ContiConnect™, fleets are able to replace manual and routine tire care with automatic and targeted care, fixing issues where they are known to exist and saving inspection and maintenance time.

ContiConnect™ helps fleets lower their costs and increase uptime in multiple ways: saving maintenance time, protecting tires from long-term damage, reducing tire-related breakdowns and tire wear, and improving fuel efficiency and safety, among others. Identifying and resolving tire issues immediately upon return to the fleet yard helps protect the tire from long-term damage, ensuring maximum removal miles and improved casing retreadability. Continental’s tire sensors can identify creeping air loss, one of the major causes of tire failure, before it would typically be noticed in a pre- or post-trip inspection, helping to reduce tire-related breakdowns on the road. In addition, verifying proper tire inflation guarantees the highest possible fuel efficiency to save fuel costs, reduces tire wear for long tire life, and helps to prevent tire blowouts for optimal safety. Tires are considered one of the top expenses for commercial fleets; with ContiConnect™, fleets can ensure maximum profitability with the lowest overall driving cost.

Nikolai Setzer, member of the Executive Board at Continental and head of the global Tire division, said: “ContiConnect is the starting point for Continental to become a profound partner for tire-related data services. With this digital tire monitoring platform we take a huge step forward in our evolution from a premium tire manufacturer to a solutions provider. We enrich our long-term experience in the tire industry with data created by sensors, starting with our truck, bus and earthmoving tires.”

ContiConnect™ is a remote tire monitoring platform that does not depend on a telematics or over-the-road connection. Tire data is collected via sensors, which are mounted on the inner liner of the tire to prevent damage from kerbing, eliminate theft, and ensure the sensor can accurately detect the tire temperature and pressure without being influenced by heat from braking systems. As trucks enter the fleet yard, the yard reader station picks up data from the sensors and transmits it to the ContiConnect™ web portal via a cellular network.

In the web portal, the fleet manager can immediately access low pressure alerts, track data over time, and view reports and analytics for all tires equipped with sensors. The platform also features customizable text and email notifications, so the fleet manager, maintenance supervisor, or other personnel can receive immediate alerts when low tire pressure or high tire temperature is recorded. This allows fleets to act proactively to fix issues rather than spending valuable time performing manual pressure checks.

Tire sensors are retrofitted onto a fleet’s existing tires through a simple installation process. Select tire


models are also available direct from the factory with sensors mounted on the liner during tire production, making it easier than ever for fleets to outfit their trucks for any of Continental’s digital tire monitoring systems.

Continental offers a range of digital tire monitoring systems to fit a fleet’s individual business needs. The ContiPressureCheck™ tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is simple to install and constantly displays real-time tire pressure and temperature to the driver via an in-cab display, along with alerts if issues are identified. This helps protect drivers from top tire-related safety concerns.

Fleet managers who are interested in seeing real-time tire data via a telematics solution can also benefit from ContiPressureCheck™. The tire pressure monitoring system offers data integration with multiple telematics providers, including Zonar, majority owned by Continental, and independent third party PeopleNet. Integration allows tire data to be seen in both the providers’ in-cab displays and back-end portals.

Continental leverages more than 100 years of tire manufacturing expertise combined with the latest digital technology to create intelligent tire solutions that reduce fleets’ operating costs and enhance safety.

Several commercial fleets have already participated in a no-cost beta trial of the solution, with applications ranging from regional haul to construction to waste transport. Regional food service distributor Feeser’s relied on 85 drivers to inspect their 90 vehicles, resulting in one flat tire per week on average. Now, with ContiConnect™, fleet manager Bob Herr can see tire data for all trucks as soon as they return to the yard. “Now I can bypass the driver and just watch the web portal as the trucks return,” says Herr.

Before trying ContiConnect™, Herr was using a valve-mounted Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). He became frustrated as the sensors were frequently damaged when the tires scraped against a curb, and caused costly tire failures. The ContiConnect™ tire sensors are mounted inside the tire, preventing damage. ContiConnect™ detects low pressure in 4 to 5 Feeser’s tires per week on average, allowing service staff to address the issue right away and avoid the tires going flat overnight.

“This is a great solution for my regional application, and I would definitely recommend it to others,” says Herr. “I’m saving casings and time, and I no longer have to depend on my drivers to check tire pressure.” In the future, Herr plans to mount a screen in his workshop so mechanics can easily see which tires need maintenance when the trucks pull in.

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2016, Continental generated sales of €40.5 billion and currently employs more than 230,000 people in 56 countries.

The Tire Division currently has more than 24 production and development locations worldwide. The broad product range and continuous investments in R&D make a major contribution to cost-effective and ecologically efficient mobility. As one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers with around 52,000 employees, the Tire Division achieved sales of €10.7 billion in 2016.

Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires is one of the largest manufacturers of truck, bus and commercial specialty tires worldwide. The business unit is continuously developing from a pure tire manufacturer to a solution provider, offering a broad range of products, services and tire-related solutions.

Continental eHorizon Delivers Predictive Driving Technology for Commercial Vehicle Applications

  • Intelligent digital mapping anticipates road changes and prepares vehicle for optimum safety, CO2 emissions, and fuel mileage.

Allentown, PA 25 September 2017. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, brings predictive driving technology to commercial vehicles for optimum performance and safety. The Continental eHorizon System is an intelligent digital map that looks ahead and lets the vehicle see things before they come into the driver’s sight. Based on GPS, it can anticipate road changes such as an increasing uphill or downhill grade and properly prepare the vehicle for the best approach to optimize CO2 emissions, fuel mileage, and safety.

In addition to making driving safer and more efficient by letting the driver see what is around the next corner, eHorizon forms a basis for several new applications, from a connected powertrain through to automated driving, and will also enable an innovative and more efficient intelligent transportation system. eHorizon integrates topographical and digital map data with sensor data, namely GPS receivers, for predictive control of vehicle systems. As a cloud based software solution the data collected and analyzed can be used in different ways – from APIs over to fully integrated solutions such as static or dynamic eHorizon. With the eHorizon Road Database, Continental is able to deliver highly precise data on road geometry and street furniture collected by sensors on other vehicles. That data is used to generate highly accurate route data and is made available to all participating vehicles. The eHorizon technology is an important prerequisite to pave the road to highly automated driving.

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Continental Modular Driver Workplace Minimizes Driver Distraction and Workload to Reduce Stress and Maximize Productivity

•  Extremely flexible and fully adjustable according to EBSF and VDV standards

Allentown, PA 25 September 2017. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, offers its Modular Driver Workplace as an advanced cockpit solution designed to maximize driver productivity and reduce stress by providing a safe and comfortable environment that encourages maximum concentration on the actual task of driving and minimizes distraction and workload. The workplace is fully adjustable according to EBSF and VDV standards.

This advanced and innovative console is extremely flexible, user-friendly, and easily adaptable to fit customers’ needs. All switches, controls, and screens are positioned properly and within reach.  It can be equipped with one or two switch panels, and switch functions can be assigned through a CAN interface. The instrumentation panel is fully programmable and can be adapted to provide a wide range of information and fit various powertrain applications.

Continental’s Modular Driver Workplace can also incorporate cameras, multimedia applications, and additional displays, including the innovative Continental MultiViu® Professional12 instrument cluster, which can clearly present all of the vehicle’s relevant information as animated text, scales, bar graphs, and symbols.

Editor note: Continental’s Modular Driver Workplace received the 2015 iF Design Award and the 2016 German Design Awards for outstanding design quality.

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Continental MultiViu Compact 4 Offers Practical Off-The-Shelf Display Solutions for Commercial Vehicle Applications

  • Innovative tablet design and smartphone size allows for easy ergonomics and convenient application.

Allentown, PA 25 September 2017. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, offers the MultiViu® Compact 4, an innovative programmable display that delivers a practical, off-the-shelf display solution and is configured with a tablet design and smartphone size for easy ergonomics and convenient application.

Continental MultiViu Compact 4 can be used as primary or secondary display controller in the vehicle. It includes two SAE J1939 CAN interfaces, one video input, multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs, and features a 4.3 inch display that can be easily read even in direct sunlight. The unit is exceptionally rugged as well as water and vibration-proof. An optional Bluetooth module enables the driver to retrieve vehicle information by mobile. The screen can also be configured to display messages from a smartphone, such as incoming calls or texts. MultiViu® Compact 4 includes ten telltales, and four menu buttons at the screen’s bottom edge and the unit can be adapted to individual customer requirements.

Continental instruments and displays feature crisp, easy to read graphics, offering premium image quality and a wide range of user-customizable options. Scalable and robust, our cluster solutions are quality certified. These attributes, combined with the appropriate software, provide the necessary flexibility for every type of vehicle and task.

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Continental MultiViu Professional 12 Information Display Delivers Wide Range of Multi-purpose Instrumentation Solutions

  • Display graphics can be programmed to feature traditional analog gauges, animated text, scales, bar charts, and symbols

Allentown, PA 25 September 2017. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, offers the MultiViu® Professional 12 instrument cluster style display. This state-of-the-art multi-purpose information display offers commercial vehicle designers and manufacturers a wide range of creative and functional options for dashboard and cockpit designs.

MultiViu Professional 12 can take the appearance of traditional analog gauges or show animated text, scales, bar charts and symbols. It features a high-contrast, true-color, 12.3 in. TFT 1440 x 540 pixel screen that can display 2D/2.5D graphics. These graphics are developed using model-based programming software that allows designers to create a completely unique look and feel for the display.

In addition to displaying instrument panels and animations, the MultiViu Professional 12 can be used to display a video feed, which can be accessed automatically or on demand. It provides four capacitive buttons below the screen for fixed functions such as reset and illumination. An optional telltale module places 11 telltales at the top of the display.

Continental instruments and displays feature crisp, easy to read graphics, offering premium image quality and a wide range of user-customizable options. Scalable and robust, our cluster solutions are quality certified. These attributes, combined with the appropriate software, provide the necessary flexibility for every type of vehicle and task.

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Continental ProViu ASL360 Camera System Makes

Driving Easier, Safer, and Reduces Accident Risks

  • 360-degree view allows the driver to monitoring vehicle and surroundings at a single glance

Allentown, PA 25 September 2017. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, brings innovative safety systems to help protect commercial vehicles. The Continental ProViu® ASL360 Camera System allows the driver to monitor the entire vehicle and its surroundings at a single glance, maximizing the field of view and eliminating the blind spots. As a specialist in the fields of video processing, display technology, and camera applications, Continental combines all of its expertise into the components of the ProViu ASL360 as a single solution for vehicle monitoring.

Full view of vehicle and surroundings

The ProViu ASL360 system allows drivers to see all around the vehicle from one video screen. Four, wide-angle micro-cameras monitor the front, rear and sides of the vehicle and display the video feeds as a single panoramic stream on a 7-inch display. The system offers a choice of angles: top-down bird’s eye, raw 180-degree, specific focus single views and multiple split screen.

Improved vehicle safety, security and efficiency

The ProViu ASL360 system can be used while the vehicle is in motion or standing still. It makes drivers fully aware of everyone and everything that’s happening around them when loading, unloading or maneuvering through traffic. ProViu ASL360 gives drivers a better view of obstacles, other vehicles and pedestrians, so that they can be operated in a much safer manner.

DVR enhances system with recording capability

Continental also offers an automotive grade DVR to complement its ProViu ASL360 Camera System. The DVR gives users GPS functionality and the added capability of recording up to 32 GB of footage on a standard SD card. The new DVR has the ability to record up to four video feeds at one time. It can also record vehicle speed and has a G-sensor to log acceleration at the time of the recording. These features make the Continental’s ProViu ASL360 Camera System an excellent tool not only for safety and security but also for liability purposes.

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Continental ProViu Mirror Camera Monitor System Increases Safety, Optimizes Fuel Efficiency

  • Replaces conventional wing mirrors to extend viewing area and reduce aerodynamic resistance

Allentown, PA 25 September 2017. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, helps commercial vehicle operators to increase driver safety with its ProViu® Mirror Camera Monitor System. This innovative monitoring system is designed to replace conventional wing mirrors with an advanced camera system that not only extends the driver’s viewing area, but also improves readability and reduces the aerodynamic resistance created by conventional mirrors.

Continental used its expertise in the field of camera monitoring technology to craft a system that delivers increased fuel efficiency and comfort. Two cameras are installed on both sides of the vehicle at different angles to create the maximum extended viewing area. Video feeds from the cameras are displayed on a 12” monitor, which is integrated into the A-pillar of the cabin. The display provides sharp and detailed images due to high dynamic range technology, ideal readability and anti-reflection.
Besides its clear advantages in safety and efficiency, the ProViu Mirror technology provides real added value to driver comfort. In comparison to conventional wing mirrors, it reduces the need for head movements of the operator. Likewise, the quality of the display provides ideal readability from the very first minute of its use. The system considerably reduces dazzle effects from vehicles behind and enables better visibility at dawn.

The camera arms on both sides of the vehicle are foldable to maximize safety and minimize cabin damage in the case of an accident. The images delivered by the camera module are presented in a split screen appearance exactly as they would appear on standard wing mirrors. Thanks to the dual camera system, different angles on each side of the vehicle are monitored and blind spots are almost eliminated.

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Continental Delivers Affordable ELD Mandate Compliance Solutions with VDO RoadLog ELD

•  Features built-in printer, easy operation, and is available with no monthly fees

Allentown, PA 25 September 2017. Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, offers its VDO RoadLog™ ELD (Electronic Logging Device) as an easy and affordable solution to the FMCSA’s mandate for ELD compliance. VDO RoadLog is a breakthrough in log automation and one of the first stand-alone ELDs available in North America. It features a built-in printer that prints out the driver’s log at the push of a button. And, unlike many other systems, the VDO RoadLog ELD is available with no monthly fees.

The VDO RoadLog ELD offers a plug-and-play solution for compliance reporting that’s easy to use. It combines GPS data with input from the vehicle to create a digital log that the driver can either download or print out on the spot, as needed.

VDO RoadLog’s self-contained, built-in thermal printer produces a traditional logbook graph in the same ‘grid style’ as the paper logbooks that inspection officials are accustomed to seeing. The VDO RoadLog print out avoids the uncertainties of trying to transfer ELD data to compliance officers. The print out also eliminates the need to hand over a smart phone or have the compliance officer climb onboard to read an ELD screen.

With VDO RoadLog, drivers can get through inspection stops in a fraction of the time it took with hand-written paper logs. They can also be very confident that their logs are always up-to-date.

VDO RoadLog can deliver the right ELD compliance solution for any operation, whether it’s an owner operator with one truck or a fleet with 100 trucks. VDO RoadLog makes compliance easy and affordable – now and in the future. It provides fast and easy recording and reporting for Logs, IFTA, IRP and pre- and post-trip inspections (DVIR). And, once uploaded, the data is automatically archived and backed up online.

Online compliance reporting and fleet management

Data from the VDO RoadLog ELD can be viewed, archived, and edited with VDO RoadLog Office, an easy-to-use online tool for fleet management and compliance reporting. VDO RoadLog Office gives drivers and fleet managers the peace of mind that comes with automatic online data backup. VDO RoadLog Office is offered in three different service levels to meet the exact needs of any size fleet. Operators can choose the no-fees affordability of VDO RoadLog Office Solo or get wireless connectivity to their coaches with VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Premium.

VDO RoadLog Office Solo is available with no contract and no monthly fees. It provides 100% ELD Mandate compliance, automatic log auditing, automatic online data backup, on-screen tips and complete electronic log automation.

VDO RoadLog Office Advanced starts with the features of VDO RoadLog Office Solo and adds wireless data transfer by cellular connection, organization of drivers and vehicles by groups and remote driver availability monitoring. VDO RoadLog Office Advanced also includes maps that show when and where vehicles travel and near real-time Track & Trace for drivers and vehicles.

VDO RoadLog Office Premium incorporates all the features of VDO RoadLog Office Solo and Advanced and adds text-based messaging to/from ELDs. With the Whiteboard feature in Office Premium, fleets can remotely monitor and manage drivers, vehicles and loads.

VDO RoadLog provides fast, secure data transfers, and automatically backs up data records online. VDO RoadLog ELDs work together with the VDO RoadLog Office system to automate compliance reporting and help operators to manage their business more efficiently. With optional features such as Driver/Vehicle Track & Trace, VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and VDO RoadLog Office Premium provide sophisticated fleet management capabilities previously available only to the largest fleets.

VDO RoadLog is backed by Continental, a global leader in regulatory compliance systems with over six million electronic logging devices in use worldwide and 30 years of experience with ELDs.

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