CVSN, GenNext Sign an MOU to Increase Value to More Companies in the Aftermarket

The Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) and GenNext recently signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) to bring GenNext’s events and activities underneath the CVSN umbrella of services.  Immediately following the Distributor Training Expo (DTE) in Atlanta on April 20-22, which is jointly hosted by CVSN and GenNext, CVSN will take over the administration of GenNext membership. 

“Over the last three years, GenNext has gained much recognition for bringing new innovative ideas to industry events, including the creation of the DTE.  We helped start the HDAW Northwood Program, which has sponsored many students to attend the industry’s largest trade show.  We also have offered numerous mentoring and educational opportunities to our membership,” said GenNext President Ian Johnston.  “As we align ourselves closer to CVSN, we feel they offer an excellent base of members who will be able to utilize our services, enhancing the effectiveness of GenNext for years to come,” he added.

“One of CVSN’s core values is to constantly develop great parts people into great business people.  GenNext, as an organization, has played a major role in accomplishing this – both on their own and with collaborative events like the DTE,” said CVSN President Andy Robblee.  “As we continue to look for more ways to bring value to the industry, GenNext is a natural fit to be part of CVSN and we look forward to being able to offer GenNext’s services to all of our members.”

Based on the MOU, GenNext will maintain a board of directors focused on developing future leaders in the heavy duty parts aftermarket industry.  CVSN will provide the primary staffing necessary to support GenNext activities.  Membership of CVSN is expected to grow due to the addition of GenNext sponsors and corporate members who haven’t traditionally been members of CVSN. 

About CVSN:

The Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) is an association of INDEPENDENT parts and service aftermarket distributors serving the transportation industry. Our purpose is to strengthen not only our members’ businesses but also the relationships between our members and their supply partners. CVSN seeks to create an industry-wide forum for professional development, legislative awareness and business opportunities by utilizing broad industry cooperation, education and the exchange of information throughout the channel. CVSN hosts an annual Aftermarket Distribution Summit every September and is an owner of HDAW along with HDDA and HDMA.

 About GenNext:

GenNext is a select group of young and influential heavy-duty trucking aftermarket leaders. This group is considered the up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow in the aftermarket truck parts industry. While the group’s message is meant for younger executives (45 and under) any age level is welcome to join. The core goal of GenNext is to educate, mentor, and recruit the next generation of heavy duty aftermarket leaders.