Freightliner Trucks Promises an Unforgettable Experience at the 2014 MATS Event


The 2014 Mid-America Trucking Event will showcase the latest machines from veteran truck builder Freightliner

March 27 through 29 is bound to be a spectacular showing for many of the world’s largest and most revered trucking industry companies. To showcase their extensive suite of trucks and accessories, Freightliner has planned plent of events, giveaways and guest appearances at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS).

Visitors to booth #30125 will have the opportunity to view interactive displays – all designed to demonstrate the technological advances made possible by Freightliner’s in-house engineering teams. Visitors will also have the ability to view an assortment of the company’s most exciting vehicles. The Cascadia Evolution, the Cascadia CNG (with a 48” sleeper cab), the venerable 122SD, the classic M2 106, and the 114SD – among others.

The Freightliner booth will be an exciting location during the MATS event, with the following highlights bound to draw a crowd:

  • The launch of the new rewards program from Team Run Smart – as well as an opportunity to interface with Team Run Smart professionals for smart driving tips.
  • Mike Ryan’s exhilarating new stunt video called, “Size Matters 2,” where Mike Ryan’s highly customized Cascadia Evolution takes part in the legendary Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. Autographs will be available as well.
  • Red Eye Radio host Eric Harley will serve as guest booth emcee during the entire MATS event
  • 1/14th scale model races will have MATS guests putting their driving skills to the test with a small scale Cascadia Evolution. Winners may be eligible to win on of six Richard Petty Driving Experience packages.
  • A cut-away display will be available to demonstrate the Freightliner In-Cab (FIT) System, which employs resistance band training options in the cab.

For more information about Freightliner Trucks, go to As a division of Daimler Trucks North America, Freightliner is the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer across the US and Canada.