FTR State of Freight Webinar: 2020 Economic Outlook

A lot has happened in the economy since our mid-year review six months ago. The international economy has weakened with a definite shove from U.S. trade policy. Domestically, the expansion has slowed with the manufacturing sector shifting into reverse.  Adding in impeachment and election year politics, the question as we enter 2020 is whether the overall economy will follow manufacturing into recession. This webinar will review the current status of the economy and present our baseline forecast for 2020. We will also discuss the risks to that outlook and the factors that we will be watching as events unfold.
Highlights include:

  • The U.S. economic expansion has increasingly rested on household spending. This webinar will discuss if this can continue or if the expansion will end in 2020.
  • Insight on how the FTR outlook has changed over the past six months.
  • Key discussion on the danger signals that FTR will be watching for going forward.

This webinar will contain a thirty-minute presentation by Bill Witte, FTR Economy Expert and Eric Starks, FTR Chairman & CEO. The webinar will be moderated by Jonathan Starks, Chief Intelligence Officer for FTR. A 30-minute Q&A session will be held after the presentation to answer questions. Please submit your questions during registration. Any questions we cannot answer during the Q&A will be answered at our next Ask the Expert Webinar. 

“Over the past several months the U.S. manufacturing sector has moved into contraction, and in the financial markets the yield curve may have sent a recession signal.  We still think the expansion can muddle through, but there is no room for error in the current situation.” said Bill Witte, Economy Expert for FTR.
FTR State of Freight Webinar:
Title: 2020 Economic Outlook
Time: November 14, 2019 | 11:00-11:30 AM EST

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