As they showcase the only fully integrated electric school bus, the chargE™, at this year’s Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, leaders at International Truck and IC Bus are also speaking out about the opportunity to use electrification and other advanced technologies to drive step changes in the commercial vehicle industry.

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“Major leaps forward in connectivity, propulsion and automation are offering commercial truck and bus users the opportunity to achieve new levels of fuel efficiency, safety and productivity,” said Darren Gosbee, Navistar vice president, Powertrain and Advanced Engineering. “As a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) addressing a wide range of specialized needs, we believe it’s our responsibility to help customers apply these technologies in smart ways that will deliver the most benefit for their particular application.”

As one such application, Gosbee pointed to the chargE, a purpose-built, fully integrated electric Type C school bus from one of the industry’s most trusted OEMs, IC Bus. This concept school bus incorporates a common group electric drivetrain from alliance partner Volkswagen Truck & Bus that is quiet, does not produce any emissions, and can be built to address any school bus customer’s specific requirements.

Steve Gilligan, Navistar vice president, Product Marketing, described the chargE as an important example of Navistar’s leadership in providing an appropriate technology for specific applications. He cited the school bus and medium truck segments as offering unique opportunities for near-term electrification that will deliver major environmental benefits.

“Medium-duty trucks and school buses travel shorter, more predictable distances and typically return to their base overnight, making their charging infrastructure less complex than for long-haul vehicles,” Gilligan said. “As a result, they will provide immediate environmental benefits, especially in urban areas that are driving toward ultra-low or zero emissions.”

Beyond environmental benefits, the chargE incorporates additional advanced technologies that support improved safety and efficiency for the vehicle’s passengers and driver. Its range can exceed 120 miles, while its powertrain can deliver up to 260 kW, equivalent to about 349 peak horsepower. The chargE also features an exclusive, purpose-built camera solution, the IC Bus Full View Camera Technology by Rosco, that makes the driver’s job easier and safer.

The chargE also includes connected systems and remote diagnostics that support vehicle safety, uptime and more efficient vehicle inspections, said Navistar senior vice president and chief information officer Terry Kline.

“Our OnCommand® Connection suite of telematics will make it easier for school bus customers to understand vehicles’ and drivers’ performance in relation to customers’ fuel efficiency, vehicle maintenance, and driver productivity goals—all in real time,” Kline said. “Beyond school buses alone, we expect that fleets of all sizes and types will realize greater Uptime, environmental, and financial benefits from the use of connected technologies.”

Kline, Gilligan and Gosbee are all speaking at ACT Expo, and IC Bus is hosting a chargE ride and drive for conference attendees on Thursday, May 3, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PDT at the Long BeachConvention Center. IC Bus recently kicked off a national tour with chargE which includes scheduled stops at trade shows, school visits, and local government events throughout the country. ACT Expo is the sixth major stop.

To learn more about the chargE and additional advanced technologies from IC Bus and International Truck, visit booth 1619 on the 2018 ACT Expo Show Floor at the Long Beach Convention Center, an IC Bus or International Truck dealer or online at

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