Kenworth T880s Provide Dependable Uptime, Driver Satisfaction for JLE Industries

JLE Kenworth
Dunbar, Pa.-based JLE Industries is a fast-growing trucking company serving the gas, oil and construction industries. Founded in 2010 to assist energy exploration and production businesses in the Marcellus Shale region , JLE has grown quickly in five years, starting with just a few trucks and expanding to more than 100 tractors and 120 employees.
Boasting one of the newest, most diversified fleets in the region, the company has standardized on the Kenworth T880 with PACCAR MX-13 engine for rugged dependability and driver satisfaction.
Most important for JLE is uptime, which helps fuel the company’s phenomenal growth while earning respect from customers. “Downtime is not acceptable,” said CEO Jason Adamsky. “Ultimately, the reason we went with the Kenworth T880 is reliability. The T880 is more pra ctical and functional for what we’re doing with the sloped hood and set-back steer axles.”
With a 100-percent Kenworth fleet, JLE’s T880s include tri-axle and six-axle dumps, tractors with 52-inch sleepers and a couple of day cabs, as well as a W900 and an ICON 900.
Kenworth Tractor“The Kenworth T880 makes it easier for drivers with its functionality of details, like the power mirrors, especially in the dump trucks,” said Adamsky. “When drivers are trying to pull out on some of these narrow roads at an awkward angle, they can touch the power mirror button and get a much better view of what’s going on around them. The Driver Performance Assistant gives them instantaneous feedback about if they’re braking well, starting well, things like that. Those kinds of things are really good for us. Kenworth worked hard to understand the needs of our operation and to spec our trucks just right for what we do. I have to give kudos to Kenworth of Pennsylvania for the excellent job they do.”
Operating a fleet of late model Kenworth T880s projects a strong company image for JLE Industries throughout the region, said Adamsky. “We get compliments on our trucks all the time. It makes an impact and impression about who we are as a company.”
With low turnover and high driver satisfaction, the company takes pride in hiring only best-in-class drivers. To help with its driver recruitment and retention efforts, JLE plans to purchase more T880s going forward. Currently it’s taking about 10 new trucks a month from an order of 70.
Tractor2For now, JLE is focused on serving the region and being the best at what it does there. But as the company grows, Adamsky said it’ll expand further across the country, specifically toward energy, oil and gas, as well as infrastructure work: highways, roads and bridges.
“The way we do that is with quality equipment and people,” he said. “Kenworth trucks give us the dependable uptime we need and help us attract the best drivers.”

Kenworth Truck Company is the manufacturer of The World’s Best(R) heavy and medium duty trucks. Kenworth’s Internet home page is at Kenworth is a PACCAR company.