McBride Mack Sales Celebrates 50 Years of Supporting Mack Customers

Longtime Mack dealer McBride Mack Sales recently celebrated its 50th anniversary at its Carbondale, Illinois location, marking a half-century of service and support to customers. McBride also has operations in Paducah, Kentucky and Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

“McBride is the ultimate representation of a dealer that has passion for the Mack brand, and it permeates through the family,” said Jonathan Randall, senior vice president of sales for Mack Trucks North America. “Customers rely on McBride to help them achieve their business goals before and after the sale, and we are proud to jointly celebrate this milestone with McBride.”

McBride Mack Sales offers sales, leasing, service, parts, body shop, a 24-hours service response, towing and two wreckers.

McBride’s Carbondale location opened in 1966 by founder Charles McBride after he purchased the dealership. McBride previously worked for several years as a truck mechanic and service manager before purchasing his own dealership. In 1965, the Carbondale location had six bays, but now the location features 13. In 2010, McBride expanded and built a 20,000 square-foot building next to the existing building and is their primary facility serving customers in the Southern Illinois territory.

In 1979, McBride opened the Paducah location, which is just about 60 miles southeast of Carbondale, following the opening of U.S. 24, which greatly increased traffic in the area. The Paducah location has 10 bays. Then in 1985, the Cape Girardeau location opened with five service bays.

“The Mack brand is so strong, and we’ve always lived, eaten and breathed Mack Trucks,” said Johnnie McBride, general manager of the Paducah location, where he works with his wife Jama. “Mack has been a big part of our family’s lives and the way we’ve made our living, and we are proud to achieve 50 years with the brand.”

Along with Johnnie McBride, who is Charles’ son, the McBride family is heavily involved in the business. Charles McBride remains the dealer principal; Charles’ wife Doris is the CEO; Greg Sanders, Charles’ son-in-law, is the operations manager; Kelly Sanders, Charles’ daughter, is the controller; David McBride, Charles’ son, is the general manager; Debbie McBride, Charles’ daughter-in-law, is the office manager; and Jason McBride, Johnnie’s son, is the sales manager at the Carbondale location.

McBride said one of the benefits that drove his father to become a Mack dealer was the success of the integrated truck and powertrain that Mack for which Mack is known.

“Having Mack-branded powertrain components and the Mack truck is a big part of what’s driven our success,” McBride said. “And part of what’s helped in our success in a very small market is Mack having its own components and trucks. It’s enabled us to weather any sort of industry downturn.”