Momentum Fuel Technologies Expands Offerings to Include 150-Gallon Back-Of-Cab System and New Pressure Regulator

Momentum Fuel Technologies - CMYK_Stacked_with Fuel TechnologiesMomentum Fuel Technologies is pleased to introduce a 150 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) back-of-cab system to its line of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solutions for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks.

“We continue to expand our Momentum compressed natural gas fuel system product line in support of fleets who prefer to operate CNG-powered vehicles,” said W.M. “Rusty” Rush, Chairman, CEO and President, Rush Enterprises, Inc. “We believe that natural gas remains a viable option for some customers, and we are pleased to invest in product technology to meet a wider range of needs in the marketplace.”

The 150DGE back-of-cab system mounts between factory cab extenders with neck-mounted cylinders for enhanced durability. It features a tested and proven enhanced pressure relief device (PRD) system with eight fast flow PRDs to allow rapid evacuation of CNG in case of emergency. New and replacement parts for this system are manufactured in-house by Momentum Fuel Technologies, ensuring quality and improving speed to customers.

The 150DGE back-of-cab system features a new pressure regulator with a high-capacity filter, allowing the system to operate from 3600 pounds per square inch (PSI) when it is full to a minimum of 230 PSI (an improvement from the previous 450 PSI minimum). This system, geared for over-the-road haulers, has the range equivalent to a 160DGE fuel system due to its lower operating pressure. “The new pressure regulator is designed to allow drivers to go further on a tank of fuel,” said Mike Zimmerman, General Manager, Momentum Fuel Technologies. “Trucks with the 150DGE back-of-cab systems can perform at the same level of 160DGE systems due to this best-in-class pressure regulator,” he added. The pressure regulator is designed to reduce leak points and weight, and the high-capacity filter is larger than most competitive products and designed to be serviced less frequently.

The 150DGE back-of-cab system is in stock and ready for delivery.

The new pressure regulator comes standard on all Momentum products, including two other back-of-cab products (115DGE and 75DGE) and side-mount systems (30DGE, 40DGE and 45DGE), which went into production last fall. The 115DGE back-of-cab system features the same advancements as the 150DGE but with three tanks instead of four. Though the side-mount systems look identical to previous models externally, each system features a redesigned plumbing arrangement as well as the new pressure regulator, so customers can benefit from using more of the CNG in their system and increase their range.

Another product enhancement is the painting of all high-pressure fuel lines yellow, for easier identification by technicians. “Painting the high-pressure fuel lines in yellow helps drivers and technicians stay safe, which is our top priority,” said Zimmerman.

Momentum Fuel Technologies offers the industry’s first complete CNG fuel system solution for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks, with support from design and manufacturing, to sales and ongoing service throughout the product life cycle. The approach for this new product line is based on innovative design, advanced safety features, installation expertise and the industry’s most comprehensive support network.

About Momentum Fuel Technologies
Momentum Fuel Technologies, headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is the industry’s first complete compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solution for Class 6-8 vehicles.  A division of Rush Enterprises, the company officially launched in 2015 and is a vertically-integrated provider of fuel system solutions, featuring state-of-the-art engineering, design and manufacturing processes, complete system installation capabilities, and the industry’s most comprehensive sales, service and support network. For more information, please visit

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