P.S.I. Announces Release of Their Latest Tire Management Product – TireView™

During a press conference held today in conjunction with the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council 2019 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition, Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) announced the release of their tire pressure monitoring system, TireView™ for trucks, tractors and trailers.

TireView is the latest tire management product from P.S.I.  It is a robust design that is proven to withstand the rigors of the commercial vehicle market.  Adding TPMS to the P.S.I. product line represents a key expansion of the company’s portfolio in order to provide a “bumper-to-bumper” solution for tire management.  It offers a high degree of flexibility, being able to be run in a closed on-board system or connected to telematics solutions for enhanced fleet management.  It can also be combined with the industry-leading P.S.I. ATIS for trailers or other ATIS solutions offered today.

During his TMC presentation, Jim Sharkey, vice president global sales and marketing, commented “26 years ago, P.S.I. introduced what has become the premier automatic tire inflation system for the commercial market.  Our innovation of ATIS has allowed fleets to truly measure opportunities to reduce tire costs and realize those savings.  P.S.I. is the only leading supplier that is singularly focused on providing tire management solutions that have a solid ROI.”

Jonathan Gravell, vice president of business development added; “Fleets continue to seek opportunities to improve their efficiencies.  The increasing demand for Smart Systems on vehicles is evidence of that trend.  P.S.I. is quickly moving into more holistic solutions for tire management that will offer fleets an abundance of capabilities and data to reduce their costs.  TireView provides constant visibility to the individual tires, enabling proactive maintenance and improved asset allocation.”

During the extensive product development process, TireView has proven itself to be far more reliable than other TPMS solutions, delivering a significantly more reliable stream of data available for advanced tire analytics.  Additionally, TireView offers customizable alerts, monochrome or color displays as well as internal and cap sensor options.  When used without ATIS, such as on drive axles, TireView can be used with the convenient ‘Flow Thru Kit’ that provides simple solutions to sensor management challenges experienced by many fleets.

TireView will be available through many of the same channels that the P.S.I. ATIS is currently available.  For immediate requirements, please refer to P.S.I.’s website for pricing and availability.

Both TPMS and ATIS are defined as GHG-II approved technologies that are being adopted at the state level, led by California.

About Pressure Systems International

Pressure Systems International is the world leader in automatic tire inflation systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and related products for commercial trucks and trailers.  P.S.I. is a privately held company based in San Antonio, TX, and exports to 45 countries including China, India, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe.  P.S.I. is a ISO 9001 Quality Management certified.  For more information about Pressure Systems International visit their website www.psitireinflation.com.