Peterbilt Launches Red Oval Certified Pre-Owned Truck Program

250Peterbilt Motors Company announced its new Red Oval program that provides customers with exclusive certified pre-owned trucks from throughout its dealer network and PACCAR Financial Used Truck Centers – complete with a complimentary Red Oval Assurance warranty, a 150-point inspection, a customer loyalty program and preferred financing through PACCAR Financial.

Customers can find Red Oval certified pre-owned trucks through the website, which includes detailed vehicle specifications and photos from a searchable database, as well as at Peterbilt dealerships and PACCAR Financial Used Truck Centers.

“Peterbilt’s Red Oval program establishes new standards and expectations in the pre-owned truck market. The Red Oval program features the industry’s highest quality pre-owned truck inventory backed by a certified inspection and factory-authorized warranty,” Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President, said. “Additionally, customers receive superior service and support from the strongest dealer network in the industry.”

“Peterbilt customers can shop, purchase and operate a Red Oval certified truck with the highest level of confidence.”

Red Oval Inspection & Certification
All trucks certified in the Red Oval program have passed a comprehensive 150-point inspection that is reviewed by Peterbilt’s Red Oval Management Team. Only trucks four model years or newer and with less than 450,000 miles are eligible for Red Oval certification.

“The Red Oval certification criteria were carefully developed to help ensure excellent quality and condition, both inside and out,” said Siver. “Peterbilt is synonymous with quality, and the Red Oval program brings that reputation to the pre-owned truck market to provide customers with the highest levels of satisfaction and value.”

If necessary, trucks receive reconditioning services to meet certification standards. Certification includes an oil and filter change, DPF cleaning and other maintenance checks and procedures. All Red Oval certified trucks are DOT certified.

The Red Oval Assurance Warranty
Red Oval trucks include a comprehensive, factory-authorized engine warranty that also includes aftertreatment coverage.

The standard, complimentary coverage is up to one year or 125,000 miles. Optional extended coverage can be added up to 60 months or 625,000 miles. Plans include free towing and a $0 deductible. & Red Oval Loyalty Card
Peterbilt Red Oval certified trucks are easily searchable in the program’s website, Listings include detailed truck information, a downloadable data sheet, a “share this unit with someone” feature and photos of the truck from multiple interior and exterior angles.

Pre-owned truck inventory will be displayed based on the customer’s selected location, but the database is also searchable by truck characteristics, such as model and year. Each listing includes the selling dealership’s location and contact information.

The new Red Oval Loyalty Card is available for all Peterbilt Red Oval customers and will include special parts promotions.

Additionally, special preferred financing will be available through PACCAR Financial.