Peterbilt’s 75th Anniversary Tour Concludes: Nearly 20,000 Attendees, 100 Events

Peterbilt 75Traveling throughout North America for eight months, Peterbilt’s 75th anniversary truck and trailer concluded its tour after visiting nearly 100 events and attracting almost 20,000 attendees, Peterbilt Motors Company recently announced.“Our customers and brand enthusiasts wholly embraced our anniversary celebration and we thank them for their year long support,” said Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “The anniversary tour provided a great opportunity to reflect on Peterbilt’s storied history and the many future milestones we will together achieve.”The centerpiece of the tour was a custom-built, double-expandable, 53-foot trailer with Peterbilt memorabilia, interactive displays, a history wall display, a PACCAR MX-13 Engine and cab and sleeper cutaways of Peterbilt’s new Models 579 and 567. The trailer was transported by the Model 579 Anniversary Edition.

In addition to 80 Peterbilt dealership visits, the truck and tractor also went to major trucking industry events, including a 75th anniversary celebration in Stockton, Calif., which drew thousands of attendees and 351 Peterbilt trucks and tractors.

It was the largest collection of Peterbilt trucks ever assembled and likely the largest collection of a single brand of vehicle ever gathered in place. Nearly every model of Peterbilt was represented, including the first-ever chassis produced.