Phillips & Temro Industries Continues to Innovate APUs, Launches Idle Free® Series 5000 eAPU® for Class 8 Trucks

Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) announced today the launch of its Idle Free Series 5000 eAPU®, a high capacity cooling electric auxiliary power unit designed specifically to keep truckers comfortable in hot climates.

Phillips & Temro developed the Idle Free Series 5000 utilizing the latest, proven compressor technology, which when combined with a wall mounted evaporator that delivers over 300 cfm airflow, can maintain an average cabin temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit in an ambient temperature over 100 degrees. The system is completed with proprietary Automatic Start-Stop technology that starts the engine when the APU batteries need to be charged, making a comfortable 34 reset period possible with an all- electric APU.  The Idle Free 5000 has a slim, low-profile unit containing a compressor and condenser that mounts to back of the cab, preserving valuable frame rail and under bunk space.

Even with portions of the United States experiencing triple digit temperatures, commerce continues to move which means trucks and truck drivers are on the roads in the heat.

“High ambient temperatures are a main cause of truckers’ sleepless rest periods, which means keeping them cool and safe is a top priority when they’re hauling in high temperature areas,” said Tom Moser, President, Phillips & Temro Industries. “Based on feedback from drivers and fleet managers, we developed a cooling APU that delivers maximum performance while requiring minimum maintenance.  Over 50,000 hours of field and lab testing proves that we have delivered on that promise with the Series 5000 eAPU.”

Yet another innovation in auxiliary power units from Phillips & Temro, the Idle Free Series 5000 eAPU was tested for pulldown and runtime in an 80-inch sleeper with R-2 insulation. It cooled the sleeper to 73 degrees Fahrenheit sin under five minutes in an ambient temperature of 95 degrees and the truck only needed to be started once during the rest period.

Additional information about the Idle Free Series 5000 eAPU is available at:

About Phillips & Temro Industries

Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) is a global OEM and aftermarket provider of custom engineered thermal systems and solutions. Trucking, automotive, oil and gas and off road vehicles are just a few of the diverse markets that benefit from PTI’s heating, cooling, and electrification solutions. PTI manages the entire process from concept design, prototyping and testing to delivery with a focus on quality. PTI’s portfolio of technologies is an amalgamation of brands, including Zerostart, Temro, Arctic Fox, Idle Free Systems and TruFlo.