AT Specialtransport finds the right equipment at Faymonville

“Let´s make the impossible possible“ – this motto appears in large print on the website of the Finnish company AT Specialtransport. The basis for fulfilling this ambitious mission is provided by Faymonville…

AT SpecialTransport - 4Since 2007 the Kokkola-based company has dedicated itself to special and heavy transport in the Scandinavian country. “Everything went very positively and the contact with Faymonville dealer Pekka Roponen came about when we needed new equipment. A relationship of trust quickly developed. Because we immediately had the impression that he understands his job and knows exactly what he’s selling”, says Jonas Ahola, Special Transport Manager at AT Specialtransport, looking back over the past. Shortly thereafter came the first visit to Faymonville in Belgium. “Here one always feels really welcome and everything is wonderful“.

AT SpecialTransport - 3Convincing quality and functionality

Ever since then, AT Specialtransport and Faymonville have remained closely linked. Four MultiMAX semi-low loaders, three TeleMAX flatbed semi-trailers, one MegaMAX low-bed trailer and a multifunctional VarioMAX are in the meantime rolling, in the company´s typical red colour, around the “Thousand Lakes“. “We´re very satisfied with the quality and functionality of these vehicles“, and the Faymonville fleet offers entrepreneur Jonas Ahola numerous possibilities for his customers.

Many semi-trailers, but the same smooth operation

AT SpecialTransport - 2Every day, MultiMAX and Co. convince him of this once again. “The semi-trailers of Faymonville are really of the highest quality in many respects. Our joint exchanges during the planning phase enabled the vehicles to be precisely adapted to our requirements”. The entire package was designed accordingly, which also pleases the employees of AT Specialtransport in their day-to-day work. “Our drivers are happy to have many Faymonville semi-trailers in the vehicle fleet. Because they’re all easy to operate, and all of them are similarly equipped technically to one another”.

AT SpecialTransport - 1Even in Finland there’s no getting around Faymonville when it comes to selecting the best equipment for special transports. Jonas Ahola describes what´s so unique about this brand as follows: “For me, Faymonville is a company that is innovative and focused on quality, and working together with them is always a very enjoyable experience“.

1 / Right from the start AT Specialtransport has been closely associated with Faymonville, and in the meantime eleven vehicles have departed for Finland.

2 / Heavily-loaded, the semi-trailers roll through the breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia.

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