Strick Updates Open Top Trailer Design

Strick Trailers unveiled an updated Open Top trailer design to add to their lineup of sheet-and-post dry van trailers. The standard Open Top model features Strick’s impact-resistant TF1 snap-in HDPE side lining and a Shurco tarp system.

“We designed an all new heavy-duty aluminum top rail for our Open Top in order to lighten the weight and decrease corrosion,” said Steve Burns, President of Strick Trailers. “We believe that this product fills a niche in the marketplace as not many manufacturers are able to offer 53 foot long sheet-and-post Open Top trailers,” he said.


Open top trailers are used for loading and unloading cargo from the top of the trailer as opposed to most dry van trailers where cargo is loaded from the rear by forklift or by hand truck. Shippers often use Open Top trailers for transporting relatively long and thin products such as aluminum extrusions.

Strick teamed with Shurco as the primary supplier of the tarp system. In addition to the tarp, Shurco provides removeable roof bows, a ground level crank and roll stops for the tarp.

Strick also provides a swing away rear header on their Open Top trailer for loading and unloading with a crane.

“The updated Open Top trailer continues our commitment to expand our product offering into new areas,” said Burns. “As with all of our models, our Open Top design can be customized with a variety of options in order to meet customer’s specific needs,” he said.

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