Volvo Trucks’ Remote Diagnostics Support is Now Available for 25,000 Trucks

Volvo Trucks currently provides diagnostic and repair planning help to over 25,000 trucks through its Remote Diagnostics connected vehicle system. Volvo Trucks offers this service in the U.S. and Canada. After taking delivery of its 700th Volvo truck, Averitt Express in Cookeville, Tennessee, a supply chain and transportation management firm, furnished its fleet with the Volvo platform of vehicle management tools. Currently, Volvo has sold over 25,000 trucks in the U.S. and Canada. The company reports greater efficiency and better customer service with the system.

The Remote Diagnostics option integrates the central maintenance team with the in-house shops and drivers, coordinates their assessments and proactively manages smaller repairs to prevent bigger breakdowns. This new feature significantly decreases downtime and keeps the trucks functioning and on time. Both customer and driver satisfaction improve while costs associated with towing and breakdowns decline.

The 25,000th Volvo truck equipped with Remote Diagnostics recently went into service at Averitt Express.

The 25,000th Volvo truck equipped with Remote Diagnostics recently went into service at Averitt Express.

All new Volvo powered trucks come with the Remote Diagnostics system as standard equipment. Already, the system has improved efficiency and repair precision by cutting the average diagnostic time at a repair shop by 70 percent – and lowering the average wait for a repair by over 20 percent. In addition to these improvements, the diagnostic platform provides information that enhances the availability of necessary parts and gives the service technician maintenance details before the truck arrives for repair.

Volvo Trucks strives to increase vehicle uptime and fuel efficiency to add value to the benefits of owning one of its trucks. One day of added uptime produces approximately the same cost savings as a two percent improvement in fuel efficiency produces annually. This commitment to increasing uptime on the road, lowering maintenance costs, and improving on already stellar marks in customer satisfaction can be seen in the new Remote Diagnostic platform. Volvo continues to invest in programs to keep their trucks on the road and running well.