Strafford Firm’s Pink Semi Truck Promotes Cancer Awareness


STRAFFORD, Mo. — TCSI-Transland, a trucking company based here, purchased a Kenworth truck that is painted entirely pink.  The company’s wants to bring attention to cancer awareness throughout the nation as the tractor makes truckload freight deliveries over the next four years.

Decaled on the tractor is the signature pink ribbon with the phrase “Supporting Cancer Awareness” above the ribbon.  The roof of the sleeper unit is decaled with “Trucking For A Cure.”

The pink paint is known as Susan G. Komen pink in the Kenworth paint catalog; the driver is David Thomas and his mother is a breast cancer survivor.

TCSI-Transland will donate a portion of the revenue to cancer research each year.

Source: April 4, 2012 –,0,2411883.story