Truck Show Displays New Eco-Friendly Semi

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It seems like cars are getting better gas mileage, these days.

But there’s a new model of semi-truck that’s becoming more eco-friendly, as well.

A Peterbilt Model 579 was displayed at the One-Day Truck Technology Extravaganza in Sioux City.

You think I would’ve learned from my monster truck experience, but there’s something appealing to me about big vehicles.

So when the Model 579 Roadshow drove into town, I made sure to go and check it out.

“It’s awesome. This one has the twin airbags on the front, rides like a Cadillac,” said James Saunders, tour driver.

I wasn’t sure what I’d find, but showman James Saunders made it sound convincing, especially after hearing his experience.

“My grandfather told me I was too light for heavy work, so he threw me in the truck,” said James Saunders.

So, I decided that I’d climb up and give things a try.

The steering wheel felt pretty comfy.

And, on top of that, I learned that a truck like this is pretty eco-friendly.

“The exhaust that’s coming out of this truck is cleaner than the air going in the intake. So if you can withstand the heat, you can actually breathe that air,” said James Saunders.

James says that proof of cleanliness isn’t only from what you smell, it’s from what you see too.

“You’ll never see black smoke come out of them. You can tell, if you’re sitting beside one. The stacks are all black, and then the exhaust comes out. These here, clean as a pan,” said James Saunders.

Considering safety, environmental friendliness, and comfortability, I was in awe of the new build.

But then I realized that this truck would be a pain to park.

I suppose I’ll stick with a car, at least for now.