How to Stay Healthy on the Road

How to Stay HealthyFor many truckers, staying healthy on the road can be a bit of a challenge. With fast food joints and gas station grease traps in every port, it’s difficult to find healthy options, especially in a city that you’ve never been to. Fortunately, if you’re a road dog looking for a nutritious meal, there are plenty of options out there that can give you the energy you need on a long haul.

Be Proactive

One of best ways to stay healthy on the road is by being proactive. The best time to start getting healthy is when you’re at home enjoying some downtime between hauls. As a trucker, some R&R is definitely important, but don’t let your time off turn to lethargy. Instead, take a few days during your off time to get your health regimen back on track before getting back on the road.

  • Setting attainable fitness goals before you leave is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Having an idea of what you want to accomplish will make you accountable and thus more likely to succeed.
  • Once your fitness goal is set, implement a plan of action and begin documenting your progress both on and off the road.
  • Whatever you do, don’t deviate from the plan. Keep in mind that one cheat meal quickly leads to more cheat meals.

Shop Smart

When it comes to fitness, your diet plays a very important role. It not only affects your energy levels and metabolic rate, but also provides you with the nutrients you need to power you throughout the day. On the road it can be tough to fit a quick jog into your daily routine, so eating lean foods is a crucial part of staying fit.

  • Rather than buying a bag of chips at the gas station, pick up some fresh vegetables at a grocery store. They have way more nutritional value and will keep your hunger at bay much more effectively.
  • Invest in a cooler than you can keep in your truck and stock it with hard boiled eggs, fruit and other healthy treats. This will give you something quick and nutritious to snack on in between stops.
  • Tailor what you eat specifically to your fitness goal. You’ll see results faster and it will help you become more disciplined.


It should come as no surprise that getting the proper amount of rest every night has a huge impact on your overall fitness. Unfortunately, in the world of truck driving, sleep is often in short supply. Whether you’re concerned with fitness or not though, you need to sleep. It not only helps regulate weight gain, but also helps you stay alert wHealthy on the Roadhile you’re behind the wheel.

  • If you have some downtime, squeeze in a quick power nap. 30 minutes of sleep can go a long way.
  • Try not to become reliant on energy drinks and coffee. They may work temporarily, but over time they’re only going to cause you to crash.
  • If at all possible, drive with a partner. This will allow you to stay on the road longer and being able to switch off will give you more opportunities to catch some Z’s.

Although it may seem impossible at times, staying healthy on the road is definitely an achievable goal. It will require some discipline and dedication, but for the benefits you’ll be reaping, the effort is certainly worth it. Once you’re committed to staying healthy, you’ll be sharper, leaner, happier and even more efficient than you are now. So, don’t wait, hop on the road to fitness today!

Author Bio: Mark Kinsel is a writer for Great CDL and current president of Driver Solutions.

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