Alliance Truck Parts Reminds Truckers to Stay Cool This Summer with HVAC Maintenance Tips

road_to_javaone1As temperatures begin to heat up, the last thing a driver needs is to be stuck on the road without air conditioning.  To keep truck drivers as comfortable as possible, Alliance Truck Parts  reminds truckers of the necessity of regular HVAC maintenance.

Inspection Interval
Have your entire HVAC system inspected at an Alliance Truck Parts location on a yearly basis to ensure it is operating efficiently. Early detection is key.  Even small leaks or damaged components can spread damage to the entire system, adding up to expensive repair bills and increasing downtime.

Repairing Leaks
If you notice a leak, immediately take your truck in for an inspection at your nearest Alliance Truck Parts location. Do not use any leak fixing products.  They are only a temporary fix and can increase your repair bills due to excess debris in the system.

HVAC Air Filter Maintenance
A dirty or clogged air filter dramatically reduces the airflow into the cab and can cause bad odors. Check and replace your filter regularly to ensure it is clean. The best way to tell if your filter is in good condition is to remove any debris, then shine a light through it.  If you can see the light, the filter probably is clean.

Condenser Maintenance
Keeping your condenser free of debris ensures it will maintain a perfect cooling temperature in your cab. Check and clean your condenser regularly, especially in the fall and winter when leaves and other materials build up on the fins. Be careful cleaning the fins; bending or breaking fragile condenser fins can cause problems throughout the entire HVAC system.

Detecting a Faulty Blower Motor
A faulty blower motor will reduce or even stop airflow to your cab, decreasing the performance of your HVAC system. If you notice decreased airflow or hear a buzzing, grinding, or humming sound as you turn on your HVAC, take your truck to an Alliance Truck Parts dealer for an immediate inspection. If left unchecked, a faulty blower motor eventually will lower the pressure of the freon running to your condenser, potentially damaging your A/C system.

Alliance Truck Parts dealers will be able to diagnose an HVAC problem quickly and get truckers back on the road.  If a replacement part is needed, Alliance offers a wide range of high quality HVAC products, including A/C compressors, blower motors, receiver driers, condenser coils and heater core assemblies,  all guaranteed by a one-year/unlimited-mile nationwide warranty, serviceable at more than 800 locations across the U.S. and Canada.