Bruckner Truck Sales celebrates another monumental milestone for 70 years of serving Mack customers. In 1948, Bruckner’s became an authorized dealer for Mack Trucks.

“We are proud of this accomplishment to be commemorating our 70th year,” says Chris Bruckner, Executive Vice President, Bruckner Truck Sales. “Mack Trucks have helped us remain successful in our business, and we are honored to be one of the oldest family-owned Mack dealerships in North America.”

“Mack Trucks, Inc. is proud to congratulate Bruckner Truck Sales on their 70th Anniversary of being a valued Mack dealer. They have been a strategic partner for many decades and we look forward to working with them for many more. Their customer service and support is unparalleled in this industry and their dedication to community service is remarkable. We are very proud they are an essential member of the Mack family,” Kent Thompson, Vice President SW Region, Mack Truck, Inc.

The history of Bruckner Truck Sales explains a lot about the company’s philosophy and commitment to customer service. B.M. “Bennie” Bruckner, Sr. founded Bruckner’s Garage in Amarillo, Texas in 1932. With a strong sense of determination, ingenuity, and overall commitment to serving customers at the highest level, Ben Sr. established a business that continued to prosper. Even during the early years, Bennie believed in the value of hiring “good people” who were equally committed to providing a high level of customer service. His philosophy provided inspiration to his son, Ben Bruckner Jr., who passed in 2012.

Today, the legacy of strong leadership continues to inspire Ben Jr’s two sons, Brian and Chris Bruckner, as they lead the company forward. As Bruckner’s continues to expand its footprint across the Southwest, the families’ core values remain at the center of all business decisions.

With twenty-six locations and over 900 employees across the Southwest, Bruckner’s is able to provide a service network of parts, service, sales and leasing offering a full array of support their Mack customers need and expect.

“I am grateful for the wonderful legacy my Granddad and Dad has left us. Our years of success is a direct result of hard work, persistence, and building the business around having the very best associates in the industry,” shares Chris. 

“From our family to yours, we thank you; our valued customers and dedicated employees as we celebrate our past, present and future.”   Brian and Chris Bruckner

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About Bruckner Truck Sales: 

Bruckner Truck Sales has been committed to keeping drivers and business on the road since 1932. B.M. “Benny” Bruckner Sr. started a tradition by selling and servicing Mack Trucks in Amarillo, Texas. The culture of hiring “good people” dedicated to service was a practice kept by Bennie’s son, Ben Bruckner Jr. until his passing in 2012.  That same promise is kept alive and well today by Ben Jr’s sons – Chris and Brian Bruckner.  The landscape of the company has expanded in scale with over 26 locations in 6 states representing American built brands, Volvo and Mack Trucks.  Because of their people, Bruckner Truck Sales is the leader in sales, service and value throughout the Southwest United States.  

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