’s Cost per Lead Program Offers an Alternative Sales Approach


Cost per Lead: List for free, pay for results with NextTruck. Crossville, Tennessee-based has announced an exciting alternative to standard truck and trailer classified advertisements with their new cost per lead program. NextTruck has been a leader in the truck and trailer marketplace for several years, and has established a base of hundreds of advertisers who offer thousands of products for sale. The standard practice in the vehicle resale market is for a listing service to charge a monthly listing fee, whether the item has received offers or not. This may be the right choice for some, but an exciting alternative is the new cost per lead program — list for free, pay for results!

This new cost per lead program allows commercial truck sellers to offer an unlimited amount of inventory on the website at no charge. Advertisers will only incur a charge when a qualified phone call or email lead is generated on the inventory items. This ensures that the only time an advertiser actually has to pay for the listing service is when the individual item returns a direct response from a prospective buyer. It’s really quite simple and very effective.

To further define the program, only qualified calls lasting longer than one minute, and unique to the past thirty days worth of tracking, will count as a qualified buyer inquiry. Email leads are direct emails from buyers who are looking at your specific piece of equipment for sale. If a vehicle or accessory for sale isn’t garnering any inquiries from the website listing, this may be an indication that either the price or the position of the product may need some adjusting. Isn’t it amazing that it doesn’t cost anything to experiment with the marketing of a particular truck or trucking accessory? With the cost per lead program, you don’t pay until we perform!

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