P.S.I. Offers Warranty Extension for ATIS with ThermALERT™ When Used in Combination with SKF’s Trouble-Free Operation™ System

Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) is offering extended warranty on its industry-leading automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) from five to seven years when the system is used in combination with SKF’s Trouble-Free Operation™ (TFO) System. The SKF TFO platform provides OEMs and fleets with unsurpassed flexibility in specifying conventional long-life wheel ends, regardless of the axle and suspension provider.

P.S.I. and SKF have worked together to provide the best warranties available in the trailer market by combining their wheel end and automatic tire inflation products.  Unlike other solutions, the SKF TFO platform provides OEMs with the opportunity to source components as they do today, without requiring unique sourcing and assembly processes.  “SKF is a global leader in wheel end technology, and we are pleased to work cooperatively with them in developing an option for fleets that demand ATIS and long-life wheel ends with compatible warranties,” stated Steve Miller, P.S.I.’s vice president of engineering. The SKF TFO platform is available through most trailer OEMs.  When the SKF TFO-7 wheel-end configuration is specified for use with the P.S.I. ATIS, P.S.I. will automatically extend its parts coverage to 7 years.
“Fleets no longer need to feel forced into a particular wheel end solution.  And more importantly, they know that when combining P.S.I. and SKF, they don’t have to play referee when they need to sort out warranty concerns,” adds Tom Smego, director of OEM sales.
The P.S.I. automatic tire inflation system comes standard with the patented ThermALERT™ wheel-end high-temperature warning system. The ThermALERT feature has proven to be a highly reliable and cost-effective way to warn of a pending wheel-end thermal event.  Since its introduction in 2006, it has become a standard with many fleets.  Miller noted, “Wheel end thermal events are a major focus in the industry.  Having a burned-up wheel end will not only cost significant money from the repair standpoint, but the potential for extensive collateral damage is high.”. 
About Pressure Systems International

Pressure Systems International is the world leader in automatic tire inflation systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and related products for commercial trucks and trailers.  P.S.I. is a privately held company based in San Antonio, TX, and exports to 45 countries including China, India, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe.  P.S.I. is an ISO 9001 Quality Management certified.  For more information about Pressure Systems International visit their website www.psitireinflation.com
About SKF
SKF’s concept is to offer high quality products and premium services to our customers. SKF focuses on the technician who installs the parts, providing sales and training support.  The range of products and services SKF offers is the result of relentless innovation and continuous improvement while aiming to continually develop our products and services to help our customers improve efficiencies and maintenance practices around the wheel end and corrosion prevention throughout the vehicle. SKF has been supplying trailer manufacturers with innovative, high-quality components since the birth of the industry. Today more than ever, fleet operators are focused on efficiency, safety and reliability. The rising costs of fuel, fees, equipment and skilled labor have placed a heightened emphasis on extending maintenance intervals and maximizing fleet uptime and lower total operating costs with the support of SKF products.