Walther Engineering and Manufacturing Company Recognized with DTNA’s Masters of Quality Award for 2017

Walther Engineering and Manufacturing Company (WEMC) has been selected by Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) to achieve their Masters of Quality Award for 2017.  
WEMC is one of an elite list of DTNA suppliers who have met the high standards for quality, delivery, technology and cost performance required to be recognized with this prestigious annual award.  WEMC met DTNA’s criteria of continuous quality improvement, support of DTNA and overall performance during 2017. 
In 2016 WEMC began supplying DTNA with the Dura-Force™ Hydraulic Brake System along with hub and rotor assemblies for Daimler medium duty walk-in vans. The 2017 Masters of Quality Award is the first for the company.
WEMC’s Dura-Force™ Hydraulic Brake System includes calipers, torque plates, hubs, rotors, and dust shields.  The opposed 4-piston design reduces drag offering substantial improvement to lining life versus pin-slide calipers; and the top loading linings do not require caliper removal for easy lining changes.  The hub and rotor assemblies supplied to DTNA include WEMC’s CR-ABS™ corrosion resistant rotors with a plated ABS ring which inhibits corrosion that commonly leads to ABS signal loss. 
“We’re extremely pleased to be recognized by DTNA within the short period of time we have been supplying them with hydraulic brake and wheel end components, “commented Brent Armentrout, Walther EMC’s Vice President of Business Development.  “We value DTNA’s business and are committed to maintaining the positive relationship with this leading truck OEM.” 

About Walther EMC
The mission of Walther Engineering and Manufacturing Company is to design, test, manufacture, and market wheel-end products for the heavy-duty truck and trailer market – employing sound business planning and using advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques.